PBXact: Unexpected Magic

If you were keeping an eye on the realm of open source PBX offerings you might be lulled into thinking that there is Digium with Asterisk and Switchvox, then everyone else. Where “everyone else” was basically hobbyists and Freeswitch fanatics. Well, that’s easy to understand, but you’d be wrong. I know that I was.

TMC recently posted an interview with Tony Lewis of Schmooze Communications. I know, I know…how do you take a company with a name like that seriously? It’s just one step above Goober Networks..oh,wait…they’re a real player, too! Well, what’s in a name?

Until today Schmooze Communications didn’t mean anything to me. However, I was enlightened by Michael White from E4 Technologies who is distributing  Schmooze Communications‘ product….PBXact.

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Bargain Alert: Clear One Chat 50 USB Speakerphone

chat50splashMichael White over at E4Strategies has a great deal on Clear One Chat 50 USB speakerphone devices. When used with a suitable soft phone these little gadgets turn any PC into a decent speakerphone. They’re even wideband capable.

I’ve been working up an overview of the various USB speakerphones that I’ve used. The Chat 50 is one of the better ones in the group for desktop use.  Definitely recommended!

I have no connection  to E4 or Clear One, beyond being a happy customer.