Cory Doctorow: General Purpose Computing Is Under Threat

It’s well known that I’m no Apple fan-boy. While I do admire the company for their design and marketing prowess, I’m uneasy about the extreme control they wield with respect to managing who runs what on iOS devices.

Not long ago I heard a lot of what makes me uneasy about Apple expressed in a more general manner. It was Cory Doctorow addressing 28C3 (Chaos Communications Conference) in December 2011. IT Conversations has the podcast.

There’s a video version, too.

Further to this CBC’s Spark Plus podcast interviewed Cory on the same topic. It’s a little different. He certainly illustrates his points well.

Of course the matter reaches well beyond Apple. They’re just the tip of the iceberg. I’m sure that we’ll be hearing more about this.

CBC Radio’s Spark On Soundscapes: Cutting Through The Noise

I’ve recently discovered a CBC Radio program called Spark. The CBC is a bone fide national treasure, and Spark is their program on technology in society. They describe it as:

Spark is a weekly audio blog of smart and unexpected trendwatching. It’s not just technology for gearheads, it’s about the way technology affects our lives, and the world around us.

…sounds interesting, non?

I recently loaded my phone with some Spark podcasts in a effort to catch up on the program. I was especially taken by episode 128 from November 2010 which considers the impact of noise on people. From the calming influence of bird song to the stress induced by using a cell phone, it’s profoundly interesting stuff.

Our personal and collective productivity often hinges on the soundscape of the working environment. Your personal stress and anxiety level can also be impacted. To be blunt, noise matters…and yet it’s often completely overlooked.

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