T-Mobile Rolling Out Talk Forever@Home & HSDPA In Houston By End Of April

While at my local T-Mobile shop this past weekend I got into a conversation with the store manager. We both have considerable trepidation with respect to T-Mobile being possibly merged with Sprint/Nextel.

He was a very nice guy and apologized that the process of amending my plan took so long. In making conversation he revealed that Houston is one of T-Mobile’s largest markets. Further, he said that they are rolling out both “Talk Forever @ Home” and a new HSDPA data service.

This good news on two fronts. We certainly need something to shake up the broadband options in Houston which have been stagnant for years. Taking some land line business away from AT&T just seems like good sense. There’s precious little competition in either area. Another option is definitely welcome.

Now as long as they can steer clear of the Sprint/Nextel mess.

T-Mobile & Sprint/Nextel May Wed?

The blogging great Om Malik has a rumor about Deutsche Telecom considering buying Sprint/Nextel to combine with it’s US T-Mobile operation. Om and his readers point out some very valid technical concerns about merging the two companies. Combined they support five (yes, 5!) different sorts of networking architectures. I hope the powers that be see the mistakes in this plan before its too late. Otherwise T-Mobile could be in trouble.