X-Marks Lives!

For the past couple of years I’ve been enjoying Xmarks. Xmarks is a browser plug-in that provides secure, cross-browser and cross-platform bookmark & password sync. Xmarks makes it easy to move from desktop to laptop or netbook and have all your bookmarks and logins always available. You can even log into their web site and get at them from some other computer.

Over the summer I was saddened to hear that Xmarks was going to shut down. They had thought that in all this bookmark data there would be enough info to be mined that providing reports based upon that data could present a revenue stream. That never happened. The possible passing of Xmarks was one of the things that had driven me to use chrome more than Firefox the past few months.

Earlier this month the Xmarks team announced that they have been bought by LastPass, makers of a password management utility. Having been acquired they are not shutting down the service. This is certainly good news. Congratulations to everyone at Xmarks!

Further, they now have a paid, premium service offer that includes sync with Apple and Android smartphones and priority tech support. For a very modest $12/yr this seems like an absolute no-brainer. I’m certainly going to give it a try.

Example Of Using The XML Browser On A Polycom Phone

A short while I go I wrote a lament about how the better IP phones with large LCD displays are woefully underused. Specifically, they provide XHTML browsers that allow the phone to interact with online data sources.

Poking around online I found a company in Colorado that develops apps to leverage these features. Further, they make available a public example that you can access for your Polycom phone.

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A Suggestion To Asterisk Appliance Developers

I’ve made it very clear over the months writing this blog that I like the appliance approach to Asterisk, or any PBX, especially for SOHO/SMB applications. It’s just a good sensible approach. Over the past year there have emerged some really good product offerings in this area.

By combining the flexibility of Asterisk or Freeswitch with a well conceived user interface solution a vendor can offer a product that addresses a wide range of possible user cases. By leveraging some Web 2.0 technologies that GUI can be very intuitive.

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