Deal Alert: AKG K240 Headphones for just $49.99

AKG-K240-HeadphonesToday only B&H Photo Video is offering my favorite studio headphones, AKG’s legendary K240’s, for just $49.99. That’s an awesome deal! Amazon currently lists them for $81, which I originally thought was a good price.

They’re an older design, but they’re still a favorite. They’re comfortable and they sound great. In fact, this deal is so good that I ordered a spare set from B&H.

The deal is today only. So don’t delay.

An Interesting History Of Headphones

k240studioSome time ago I stumbled upon a nice article that proposed to be something of a history of headphones. It’s a fairly good effort on the part of the author. However, I would like to add my two-cents in reference to a couple of missing items that I think are significant.

When I was in school in the mid-1980’s I was studying music recording and broadcasting. I spent a lot of time in and around various recording studios around Toronto. The single most common headset that I saw at that time was the AKG K240 Studio monitors. These were the reference grade dynamic headphones used in many facilities at that time.

The K240s are genuinely, big-ole, cans. A circumaural headphone with a semi-open design they sound great, even today. They can be cleanly driven to excessive volumes if required. Fairly efficient, they can even be powered by a cell phone or iPod.

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