A Big Round Of Thanks!

…and the award for most tireless, knowledgeable and patient technical support goes to….

Over the past month or so the effort to find and move to new hosting was considerable. It was certainly much more involved than I had anticipated. I did not make it through the process on my own.

During the course of my search for hosting and the various migrations between hosts I’ve relied upon the invaluable advice and assistance of a few friends. In particular, I’d like to express my gratitude to Fred Posner of Team Forrest and Randy Resnick of Resmo / VUC.

Not only do these two guys truly know their stuff, but they’re patient with the quirks of foolish newbies like me. Imagine how great that must be if you’re one of their clients!

Blogging In Transition: A Host Of Issues – Act Three

There’s nothing like your site going down routinely to lend a sense of urgency to the search for an alternative hosting solution. While my circumstance was not quite as dire as that pictured right, it certainly felt similar.

The newly live server at VPS.NET was crashing at least once every day or two, but it remained live while I poked around the TKL web site investigating the other hosting providers that had partnered with the project. The biggest was Amazon’s EC2, but recent events lead me to shy away from Amazon for my own purposes.

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Blogging In Transition: A Host Of Issues – Act Two

Welcome to act two of our little saga, whereupon our protagonist, having found that his existing shared blog host is now unreliable, has set out in search of a new host. A private host. Very possibly a virtual host. In fact, the situation has become very cloudy indeed.

In some regards the growth of a blog such as this, and the related hosting issues, is a little like being a teenager. Living at your parents home is very cheap, but you’re limited in what you can do, and the sort of traffic that they will allow. Ultimately your desire for freedom will force you to find your own place to live, where you have greater control of what goes on, even if that means you always have to clean up after yourself.

The decision to seek a more private host is only one step in this migratory process. The next question that arises is, “what kind of host?” Windows? Linux? If Linux, what distribution? Which supporting applications? How much CPU, memory, storage, etc?

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Blogging In Transition: A Host Of Issues – Act One

In the three years since it began this blog has been through a number of transitions. The most recent being just a few weeks ago. This is a little tale of that experience, offered to help anyone else who might be following a similar path. This little drama comes in the form of three acts. In this first act we examine the history of the site that lead up to recent events.

My efforts at blogging began in fall of 2007 on the free hosting at WordPress.com. While a fine place to get started I eventually wanted to tweak WordPress beyond the scope that was allowed on that service. In particular, the desire to include more multimedia content provided the motivation to move the site to a paid host.

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We’re Celebrating A New Home!!

After several troublesome months with our prior hosting company I finally moved this site to a new host this week. The very fact that you’re seeing this post says that DNS has changed and you’re at the new place.

This is an entirely new construction, so there may be a little dust still to be tidied up and a bit of paint yet to be applied. Rest assured that I’ll be addressing any deficiencies as I find them.

In September 2008 I made the leap from  from the free hosting at WordPress.com to a shared server account at BlueHost. Their service was fine back in the early days, but a shared host can be a problem.

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Meta: The Topical Scope Of My Blogging

Blogging about blogging is a kind of meta-blogging. I’ve not done much of that as yet, but this is something of a start. I’m even adding “meta” as a category for posts. Now on to the idea at hand…

In recent years VoIP has been one of my passions. It’s hard to know whether that been driven by a love of the technology or animosity towards ILECs. Perhaps equal parts of both. It’s passion in either case. But in reality there’s much more to SOHO operations that just VoIP.

This has been on my mind a lot lately. In fact, I’m seriously thinking about expanding the scope of this blog a bit. “Graves On SOHO VoIP” was an accurate statement of what I set out to cover a little over two years ago when I got started, but I find it a little confining these days.

I hate revisiting the same topics repeatedly, even though new readers are still learning those lessons. That’s why in various places, like the VoIP forum over at DSL Reports I tend to refer people to old blog posts for topics that I’ve already addressed. Heck, that’s a significant part of why I started this blog in the first place.

All things must grow, so I’ll gradually adopt a wider scope of SOHO technologies. Don’t worry, VoIP will always be a significant theme around here. But man cannot live by VoIP alone…or so I’m told…by people who should know.

So be looking for something of mild rebranding. Someday. Soon-ish. When I get around to it.