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Signal-to-Noise: Some Thoughts About Unboxing

unboxThe internet is for cat videos. It’s true. Well, it’s largely true. I’d say that unboxing videos rank right up there with cats. YouTube reports that it has 41.5 million unboxing videos! I admit that I simply don’t understand the phenomenon of unboxing videos.

You’ve never seen an unboxing video hereabouts. I could certainly do them, we have the tools, but I don’t think they deliver any value. I can see no reason to share what is actually a pretty commonplace activity.

If you wanted to know what was in the box, being a thinking person, you’d research the manufacturer’s web site, or perhaps check with a reseller. What’s in the box is usually easily determined. It yields little insight into the product.

I suppose it’s easy to do, and garners some attention for those who make the effort. What do you think? Are unboxing videos useful? Or below the noise floor?

Cats like boxes. I suppose that might be why there are so many unboxing videos online. There are even videos of cats in boxes. Ours would not pose for me.

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