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New Skype Alternatives for Internet Broadcasting

2. Voxeet

If you’re a regular VUC listener you may recall Voxeet from episode 471 back on January 10th. On that occasion company co-founder Stéphane Giraudie provided a good introduction to the service.

In February Voxeet transitioned the desktop clients for their free voice conference service to a WebRTC-based core. Accessible from Android and iOS mobile clients, with both Windows and a newly released Mac client, it offers both high-quality audio and a novel ability to place participants at various locations in a stereo soundscape.


I maintain that what they deliver is not the “3D audio” that they claim, but that’s really a matter of linguistics. It’s free and very good quality, so what’s not to like?

The availability of mobile and desktop clients provides a low-cost/complexity way to achieve high quality audio from remote participants.

You’ll need to make a local recording, but a stereo recording made locally will retain the stereo image, which could dramatically improve the podcast delivered to your audience.

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