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Video Calling End-Points Gone to The Dogs

PetChatz Logo_R-lowrezMany have said that the end-point business is going to the dogs. Ok, that may not be exactly their wording, but it happens to be true. PetChatz is a video calling end-point for pet owners.

Petchatz is a video calling appliance designed around the reality of people who have pets, most especially dogs. When you work day runs long, or you just to see a friendly, furry face, the Wifi-enabled, auto-answering device lets you call your dog.

Their demo video makes the pitch very nicely.


Yes, it’s FaceTime for Fido. If I were still the road warrior that I was in the past we’d likely be into this. The device, which is priced at $349, isn’t yet shipping. Availability is projected as some time in early 2014.

Beyond the ability to hear & see each other, you can have the device dispense a little meaty treat. The company has partnered with a maker of healthy treats to offer supplies that suite the dispenser.

It can also issue forth a scent (aka ”sniff” ) on command. It uses scented oil on a small absorbent pad to achieve this effect. They report that it can be customized to offer a scent that your pet enjoys, or puts them at ease.

In the past we we have used pheromone infused oils to help address separation anxiety. While it varies in its effectiveness, such scents can calm an upset or nervous pet.

Once the device is installed there’s no monthly recurring service charge. However, there is the potential requirement to keep it stocked with Treatz and Scentz.

Marketing to pet owners is a great move. While we might be frugal with other aspects of life, people are spending ever-increasing sums on their pets. Witness the fact that pets have been an explosive growth market for the pharmaceutical industry in recent years.

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