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Deal Alert: Nest Learning Thermostat For $179

Nest-Learning-ThermostatOk, so this is a little off topic. Last year we installed a Nest thermostat in the house. We bought it from Lowe’s when they first hit the stores. At $249 it was very expensive, but showed a lot of promise. In the end we like it a lot.

Today I see that Amazon is offering the first generation Nest thermostat for $179. That’s certainly a much nicer price.

The company has released a second generation of the hardware, which is why they can discount the original device. Nonetheless, it’s been a solid addition to our household.

The device learns the pattern of your life, so there’s simply less need to adjust the temperature. For those times when we do want to make a tweak we especially like the remote control app for Android & iOS devices. We can turn on the air conditioning using a cell phone even as we’re on the way home.

Highly recommended.

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