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snom ONE Mini PBX Targets SOHO Market

Today snom is introducing a small form-factor PBX for the small office and home office. Based upon their established ONE PBX software the ONE Mini offers a depth of features at an attractive price point.

You may not know this, but a snom 200 was the very first  SIP hard phone that I ever purchased. snom was an early leader in promoting SIP, also an early advocate of HDVoice.


The new ONE Mini PBX supports up to 20 extensions, providing a generous list of features derived from their snom ONE Yellow edition. Further, it’s delivered in a form factor that looks very much like the base from their m9 SIP/DECT cordless phone.

The device seems well-considered, featuring support for power-over-ethernet and no moving parts at all. This makes it especially well suited to applications where small size, low power consumption and high-reliability are concerns.

The ONE Mini sells for $599 from a range of vendors, including VUC sponsor e4 technologies.

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