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Doug Mohney On The State of HDVoice

HDVoice News & Invoxia-Desk-PhoneThe VUC call on Friday, June 29th will feature Doug Mohney of HDVoice News. With over 20 years of telecom experience Doug truly is a veteran in the realm of IP communications. Having appeared on VUC calls twice previously (Feb 4, 2011 & Aug 14, 2009) he’s also becoming a VUC repeat offender.

This weeks discussion will focus on the evolving state of HDVoice as described in HDVoice 2012: Proliferation. This is the latest version of his annual report on the state of HDVoice, published by TMC.

I’ve read through this years report. It’s a great summary of state of HDVoice deployment. It covers the issue from a variety of angles, presenting sound insights useful to  corporate telecom managers, service providers, manufacturers and start-ups in the ITSP space.

Such reports from consulting firms typically command a king’s ransom, then seldom get into the technical details of the situation. This years version of the HDVoice Report is available for the rather modest price of $125. That makes its accessible to just about anyone who is revisiting their corporate telecom strategy.

To make this weeks call a little more interesting, Doug will be joining the us using the Invoxia NVX 610. The NVX 610 is a novel, HDVoice-capable desk phone/conference phone for use with an Apple iOS device.

So we’ll be walking the walk as we have our talk…in HDVoice!

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