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Voxeo On IP v6 & Wideband Audio

voxeo-logo Late last week I took an hour to sit through a Voxeo webinar on the impact of IP v6 on SIP communications. It was the latest in their series of Developer Jam Session presentations.

Dan York presented a nice introduction to the issues surrounding IP v6 implementation with respect to real-time communication using SIP. If you’re new to IP v6, as I am, then the recording of that session is a recommended resource.

During last week’s session Dan announced that there would be a future session dealing with wideband audio. It seems that Voxeo’s Prism product will shortly support the use of wideband audio.

Looking to the announcement of support for wideband in Prism I see some interesting details. They are supporting the use of G.722, L16 and Speex within the core product. Support for AMR-WB is available, but carries an extra licensing cost. While most of these codecs operate at a 16 KHz sample, their Speex implementation also includes a 32 KHz sample rate.

The webinar* on wideband audio using Prism is scheduled for June 6th. It will be curious to see if Voxeo will merely talk about wideband telephony or actually use it in the course of the coming session.

They use GotoMeeting as the platform for giving the presentations. I’ve used that service for may years. It’s audio handling has been some through several upgrades, starting out incredibly lame, but eventually becoming usable….although decidedly narrowband.

To give the session in wideband they would need to offer a web stream of the audio separate from the GotoMeeting session. In the earlier session on IP v6 the only person actually heard was the presenter. As such it seems a relatively trivial thing to offer a wideband audio stream accessible via a SIP URI or web URL, and bridge that into the GotoMeeting session.

At least that’s what I would do. Presumably Prism offers some tools that could be brought to bear in such circumstances. This is a case of walking the walk, as well as talking the talk…in HDVoice!.

Disclosure: Voxeo is a sponsor of the VoIP Users Conference, and I dig that.

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