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Sometimes people take the shortest or cheapest path when it really doesn’t serve them well. So it was for my employer. For the past year or more the IVR menu at our main US number was voiced by the CEO of our US operation. Not that his voice is bad, but he’s an ex-pat Englishman with an accent that emphasizes the fact that we’re not a US-based company.

A while ago bkw of Freeswitch fame tweeted something about using to find Lauri Murdock to voice some IVR. is a site where people offer whatever service they provide for $5.

Since we had recently made some changes in staffing we needed to rework our IVR tree. I thought, hey for $5 noone is going to complain if we get a nice female voice. So I just ordered recording without asking anyone about it.

The site is very easily navigated. Lauri had a few sample recordings available, which seemed very suitable. So I submitted the script and placed the order. She uploaded the recording less than 48 hours later. I must say the experience was awesome. Fast. Easy. Cheap. And her voice is really good.

Unfortunately, I miss-spelled the name of one of our staff. She pronounced it correctly, according to the script, such that I had to order a reread. But hack, at just $5 more it was not a problem. Again, Lauri turned the recording around in just a day or two.

So, my thanks for bkw for the tip. And I recommend anyone needing cheap, fast IVR recordings give a try. There are a lot of voice artists offering their services. At $5 a try how can you go wrong?

If you have some small service to offer may be a nice alternative to building your own web site and having to worry about how it gets promoted.

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