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The foundation have just released a 30 minute video that they call A Digital Media Primer For Geeks. This video is a great overview of the basics of digital media. It’s nicely written and very clearly stated.

Given my interest in IP telephony and background in production/broadcasting I find that there’s a lot to like in this introduction. It nicely describes such things as; digital vs analog signals, audio sampling rates and alaw vs ulaw encoding….all good stuff to know. It even includes a few rudimentary examples of audio at different sample rates.

Available in a variety of formats up to 720p HD, I think that this primer is a great offering. It makes clear what might be for some fuzzy concepts in digital media. Highly recommended viewing!

BTW – I get a kick when someone actually says “Google is your friend” in such a presentation. It’s so true, but rarely said without being crude.

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