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SkypeKit In The Wild

It appears that SkypeKit is now truly available in the wild. It’s been released for Linux, OSX and Windows. These last two being released just this week. Given a little time we should start seeing Skype-enabled devices and software starting to turn up.

One….in this case me…wonders a lot about where we will see the impact of SkypeKit? Will it be seen as an opportunity by the likes of Gigaset?

While there have been Skype enabled phones, and even cordless phones like the DualPhone 3088 from RTX these have been aimed squarely down-market. While functional, existing Skype-enabled devices seem to be designed more around low-price points than a Porsche-like sense of style and quality.

I further wonder if the manufacturing sector associates Skype with free services, and so assumes that Skype users are cheap…not willing to pay for a high quality device? I suppose only time will tell.

Time certainly will be a factor as we watch for the impact of SkypeKit. It’s likely that software based products will be the first to arrive on-scene. Software development occurs very rapidly compared to integration of new technologies into hardware products.

However, existing product could be enhanced through the addition of Skype integration. Grandstream has already implemented a Skype client into their surprisingly affordable GXV-3140 desk phone, including video calling. I wonder if more prominent players like Avaya, Cisco, Polycom & snom will follow suit? Or will the Chinese manufacturers get there first?

The new product announcements at the fall trade shows should be very interesting indeed.

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