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Gigaset Preset Configurations Now Includes IdeaSIP

Not long ago I got word that Gigaset was working to add more ITSPs to the presets in the configuration tool in their SIP/DECT cordless phones. The Gigaset DECT base can update its list of ITSPs in much the same manner that it checks for firmware updates.

This afternoon IdeaSIP confirmed that they are now listed as one of the ITSPs for which there is a preset configuration. They have also posted a page on their web site walking you through the setup process.

When a service provider is included amongst the presets the user enters only the bare minimum of account specific information into the phone; authentication name, authentication password, username and display name. All the remaining SIP settings are automatically loaded from the preset on Gigasets servers.

This fact takes a number of variables out of play. For example, should you enable STUN? What is the address of their registration server? Or their outbound proxy? Should you use an outbound proxy?

The presets make setting up a Gigaset fairly simple, even for non-technical people. For smaller companies like IdeaSIP it gets their name out into the market in a very credible way.

Gigaset & IdeaSIP are a great way to get started in enjoying the benefits of HDVoice. But you knew that already, right?

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