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Deal Alert: Dreamwave DP Series Phones

While I’ve had a Dreamwave DP-28 in-house for some months I’ll admit that I’ve not yet made much of an effort to put it into service. I bought it because it was relatively affordable and G.722 capable. I was seeking to try some low-cost wideband capable hardware.

Mark Sumpter, National Marketing Manager for Dreamwave, has been in touch to spread the word of a year-end sale on the phones. He posted a comment but I feel that this could be of interest to folks so I’m giving it a little more attention.

The fact is that we have provided both the D28 and D26 models of this phone to PBX in a Flash for testing. Early results from Ward and Tom are that the sound is phenomenal but we don’t have lots of the fun scripts like Aastra units.

If anyone is interested we have a sale on both models in the PIAF forum in this thread:

Mike we are really interested to hear your opinion on the phones also.

Mark Sumpter
Dreamwave Networks

The very fact that they’re working with PIAF implies that the phones interop well with Asterisk. Dreamwave themselves offer a line of Asterisk-based PBXs. If you visit the PIAF forum you’ll find that they’re offering the 6 line DP-28P model for $133.09 (drops to $115.34 in qty) and the 3 line DP-26P for $109.69 (drops to $95.60 in qty)

These phones are made by Yealink and they have some interesting features. For example, the DP-28P can itself function as a router. In so doing it provides itself a QoS solution, ensuring that voice streams get priority over other data. This is ideal  where a company might want to place one phone in the home office of an employee and have a simple, inexpensive, easily managed QoS solution.

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