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The Nature Of Product Reviews

Dreamwave-D28P-200As devices come my way I’m always looking for the most effective way to review them and present the resulting information. Most typically this means writing a detailed description of my experiences with the device, but I also think that supporting images are important to making the material visually interesting.

Recently I’ve been thinking about using more recorded audio (podcasts?) and even recording some video laying hands on the product.

However, Dear Reader, these things take a considerable amount of effort. So before I dive in to a whole new approach impulsively, I thought it wise to ask what you would most appreciate?

Would you read a longer review? Or would you prefer something lighter, with less text but a lot of pictorial support? What if I were to record the review instead of presenting a lengthy text? Or even shoot some HD video?

The devices in cue include the Gigaset S67H handset, SL78H handset and the Dreamwave SIP-D28p desk phone.

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