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VUC Call Dec 12: Asterisk Security

polycom_ip650_256Let me be amongst the first to say that I can be such a schmuck some days! Randulo asked me to guest host last Friday’s VUC call as he was unavailable. I agreed since I was going to be in my office that day. I thought ahead enough to have the correct Talkshoe web login to get the conference started.  But I called into the conference server using my usual SIP dialing process. I have it programmed into my hosted PBX, so it’s routine.

Logged in as me, and not the call host, this didn’t allow me to initiate the call recording on the Talkshoe conference bridge. Of course I didn’t know this until a few seconds before the call was to begin when I first tried to start the recording. No problem, says I, I’ll do it locally…which I did. I recorded the call using my Polycom SoundPoint IP650, which I used to actually participate on the call.

I also recorded it using Eyebeam logged in a guest. I needed Eyebeam since it necessary to use a PC running Vemotion in order to be able to inject recorded audio into the call. This is how Zeeek injects the UnixDawg theme and Allisons recordings.

So when the call ended the Talkshoe bridge did not have the recording. I had to upload my local version, once it was converted to MP3 at the correct sample rate and bit rate.

The schmucky part is that about 10 minutes into the call I realised that the dial-in instructions were right in front of me in the Talkshoe web chat client.  Duh! I was just too busy with two phones and the IRC channel to notice. Despite my butterfingers behind the scenes the call went pretty well. Many thanks to John Tood, Karl and everyone else who joined in.

What! You didn’t join the call??

You can get the podcast here. It suffers only minor edits to make the host sound good.

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