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snom has joined the Twitterverse

snom_m3_persp_1_typo3_032..or is the correct term “Twittersphere?” In any case, I noticed that snom is officially on Twitter as @ snom. This is nice as it gives a direct channel to/from them. I’ve been exchanging occasional emails with some of their staff as I was a very early user of the m3 SIP DECT system.

I also noticed today that they have recently launched an online forum. It’s in early days yet so there are not that many posts, but the staff seem to be actively engaged. This has to be a good thing. The more end user contact they can manage the better of everyone will be.

Finally, they are running a contest for users of snom 3×0 and 8×0 phones. They’re giving away one m3 SIP DECT system every day until Christmas. In order to participate you must first register, then configure your phone to access their Advent Calendar URL.

I’d love to try it out but I don’t have any of these phones. It’s a very novel marketing concept that leverages online interaction using the micro-browser built into the phones. It’s a great idea!

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