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A Little More Graphic Appreciation For Boingo

Today I was tasked with making a trip to the Los Angeles area. So I found myself on the way to the airport at 8am, counting my blessings that I didn’t need to take the extremely early first flight out of Houston, but rather the more sensible 9:30am departure. I get to the airport an hour before the flight and breeze through the security process with 45 minutes to get to my gate.

Normally I’d go to the President’s Club lounge for coffee, a bagel and a last minute check of email. Unlike many other airlines Continental provides free wifi in their lounges. Of course, you pay annually for the lounge membership.

However, my flight was to board at gate C44 and both of the PC lounges are in fact quite distant from that point. George Bush Intercontinental Airport is in fact very large. By the time I made my way over there, got signed in and settled it’d be about time I had to head for the gate.

Instead I went right to the gate, passing a coffee stand along the way. Once at the gate I just used my Boingo sign-on to transparently connect to the paid wifi service that covers the entire airport facility.

No rushing to and fro. Very calm. Very nice.

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