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Uploading Contacts To The snom m3

As of firmware v1.19 beta (and onward) you can upload the contact directory to the snom m3 cordless SIP/DECT phones using the web GUI. The process requires a comma delimited text file (.csv) where each field is enclosed in quotes. For example;

“Alistair Parr”,”666″
“Amanda Blundell”,”684″
“Chris Hopkin”,”667″
“Chris Leonard”,”674″

You can upload contacts to each handset individually or to the base in which case it appears that they are shared between the handsets.

Unfortunately it appears that at the moment the process supports only one number per contact, placing it in the “Home” position. The handsets allow four numbers per contact corresponding to; home, cell, work & other. They also support “ring groups” with selectable ring melody. It would be good if these features were also supported in the contact upload.

If snom are able to implement this sensibly then they’d be able to provision the contact list with flexibility comparable to Polycom desk phones.

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