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VoIP Supply Headset Cheat Sheet

Chris Heinrich over at VoIP Supply’s VoIP Insider blog has a nice little post about selecting headsets for IP phones. They’ve faced the common problem of not knowing what type of connection each phone provides, making it difficult to know which headsets are compatible. So they have created a handy matrix chart in PDF form that lists all the phones they sell against the common headsets. Nice.

In the way of adding value I’d like to point out that FWD’s Dan Berninger has indicated that the Grandstream BudgeTone Series IP phones support G.722 wideband audio but that the hardware is simply not adequate to the task. Others have said that when paired with a good headset the BT Series actually deliver the improved audio performance, just not with the transducers in the basic handset.

I’ve always believed that a good headset was essential for business applications. Also, that most cordless headsets just don’t cut it.

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