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The GSM Gateway: Part 1 Online Soon

The first part of the article about GSM the gateway is off to the publisher at The first part covers my motivation for adding a cellular trunk. It also describes the differences between ITSPs addressing the broad residential voice-over-broadband marketplace vs those addressing the SMB/Asterisk user space.

The ability to provide ones own 911/411 service is perhaps a greater concern to end-users who select ITSPs that target SMBs (or Asterisk users) as these are less likely to provide 911/E911 service.

Part 2 will deal with the specifics of installing & configuring the gateway device, as well as my experience using it these past few months. It’s been very reliable, as has the T-Mobile service that it rides.

Many thanks to Tim at Small Net Builder. He’s been very supportive of my efforts, which helps me to undertake ever more projects. It’s a pity that my day job gets in the way sometimes. However, they too may soon be drawn into evaluating some HD Voice hardware.

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