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TMC asks “Is Telecom Broken?” The answer is (a) funny or (b) sad or (c) scary?

Over at TMC they’ve blogged an accurate and concise yet biting overview of the problems of the telecom industry. It’d be funny if it wasn’t so sad. When will they get a clue. Deregulation was such a farce.

OTOH, this afternoon I dropped by my local T-Mobile retail outlet to amend my plan and get another sim card. The manager called the changes in but was passed from department to department trying to find someone who could enact the changes. It seems that they were doing some software upgrades to their business systems on a Friday afternoon. Not very wise that.

So the process took a little longer than expected, but I did end up with a new sim for the Portech GSM gateway. That’s this weekends project.

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