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Traffic Shaping for VOIP: Visible Proof

m0n0mon Graph smallI just love it when things work as expected. Having been out of town for a couple of days I came back today and needed upload quite a few things to servers in the UK. As I was doing this the phone started to get busier. That implies that the VOIP systems are functional. Nice.

The fact that the call quality is really good tells me that my QoS and traffic shaping solution is working well. I had pinned my ADSL service with both upload (FTP) and download (syncing Outlook email) and the voip call quality was still excellent.

It’s kind of fun to watch m0n0mon graph my DSL traffic, and note when a call ends by the sudden change in data rate. This is clearly indicated by the drop in data flow noted on the left side of the m0n0mon image.

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