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What Interests You?

I must admit that I’m more than a little surprised a what people read around here. The single most popular article is the one I wrote back in January 2006 about Building An Embedded Asterisk Server Using Astlinux On a Soekris Net4801. I would have thought that would have less appeal since it was published elsewhere over two years ago.

The next most popular articles are the series called A Beginners Guide To Successful VOIP Over DSL, most especially the posts on QoS and traffic shaping. People come by and read these things every day.

Hardware reviews are something that I’ve done many times over the years. Although deep in my past they were not technology related. These I will be doing again beginning with the Snom M3s. I need to be disciplined about using the phones for long enough to really learn about them in depth, and not just go with my first impressions. Even though the phones are in daily use the review will is a few weeks away.

Amongst my next topics I think I’ll be trying a SIP-to-GSM gateway. I’d like to provide my own 911 and 411 service by bridging calls over to my cellular account.

If you’ve got any ideas for topics or items for review let me know. I’m always open to suggestions.

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