Android In Desktop Phones From MSI

If an idea worked once it’ll certainly work again. While I’ve been eagerly awaiting news from Cloud Telecomputing about their Android based business desk phone it appears that MSI had a similar idea. Engadget’s coverage of the CeBit show in Germany includes a photo gallery and video walk-through of MSI’s MS-9A31.

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T-Mobile To Offer New Home Phone Device

OK, so the past few days there’s been a lot of chatter about T-Mobile announcing that they intend to offer a new home phone device. It’s been noted variously at CrunchGear and NYT. From the description given, that is a tablet form factor and 7″ touch screen LCD, it would seem a logical conclusion that T-Mobile is likely tapping OpenPeak for their OpenTablet hardware.

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Verizon Hub: A Work In Progress

verizonhubI decided to have a look a what Verizon Wireless has to say about their fancy new Hub home phone.  A stated previously, I’m an enthusiast and early adopter, so I could be compelled to change wireless carriers if the Hub was really something special. In fact, I want something like this in my home, that is, if it can deliver upon even half of the promise that I envision.

So I cruised on over to their web site and read all there was to read. Saw all there was to see.

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