Marc Abrams of Mocet: All About The Communicator for iPad

Mocet Communicator white & blackFriday, August 16th the VoIP Users Conference will feature Marc Abrams of Mocet with a discussion of their Communicator, a dock that turns an iPad into a full-featured SIP desk phone.

There are many among us who have lamented the sorry state of innovation in the realm of the enterprise desk phone. Does Mocet have a viable alternative? Or is is just another accessory for the iAfflicted?

The device showed enough promise to convince me to buy an iPad. That’s saying something.

A Holiday Family Gathering: The SoundPoints

The holidays are a time for family gatherings. There are many facets to this reality. In the week leading up to the holidays I was provisioning a couple of new phones for coworkers, and a sample of the new Polycom SoundPoint IP335 arrived. So it was that there was a little gathering of the Polycom SoundPoint family on my bench; my own favorite the IP650, the IP450 that we generally use within Pixel Power, and the new low-end IP335 model. Big brother, middle sibling and Junior…all HDVoice capable.

As I get some user time on the IP335 I’ll be making some notes and sharing my thoughts. The question I need to answer myself is whether the IP3xx series represents the best value in the range? Or do we keep using the more costly IPx50 models as we add more extensions?

Polycom SoundPoint IP335: HDVoice Hits A New Low

polycom 331…price that is. Polycom used VoiceCon this week as an opportunity to launch their newest low-end HDVoice capable desktop phone, the Polycom SoundPoint IP335. An update of the popular SoundPoint IP330/331 models the major changes in the IP335 include support for HDVoice via hardware upgrades and support for the G.722 codec.

The SoundPoint IP335 is a two-line phone with full duplex speakerphone capability. It also features an RJ-9 connection for a traditional headset, a backlit LCD display and electronic hookswitch (EHS) capability. All of these features are upgrades from the prior model.

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