Skype’s FREETALK® Everyman Headset

You’ve caught me in an especially curmudgeonly state of mind. But you’re just going to have to deal with it. Consider yourself warned! A couple of weeks ago a plain brown box arrived in the mail. It contained a sample of Skype’s new FREETALK® Everyman Superwideband headset. At the time this product was announced I … Continue reading “Skype’s FREETALK® Everyman Headset”

A Suggestion To Asterisk Appliance Developers

I’ve made it very clear over the months writing this blog that I like the appliance approach to Asterisk, or any PBX, especially for SOHO/SMB applications. It’s just a good sensible approach. Over the past year there have emerged some really good product offerings in this area. By combining the flexibility of Asterisk or Freeswitch … Continue reading “A Suggestion To Asterisk Appliance Developers”

Another Video Phone Company Bites The Dust, But The Idea Lives On

A few days ago Tom Keating over at TMC wrote a post detailing how Worldgate Communications is nearing the end of its rope. Worldgate was the company most recently behind the OJO VOIP/Videophone service. It’s always sad when a company shuts its doors, but I wonder how many are going to throw their fortunes behind … Continue reading “Another Video Phone Company Bites The Dust, But The Idea Lives On”