Series: Gigaset Cordless SIP/DECT 2010 Overview

This series presents an overview of the Gigaset SIP/DECT systems offered in North America for 2010.

The final installment in the series is awaiting an upgrade to Outlook 2007 at my place of employment. The Gigaset Quicksync software will sync contacts with Outlook 2007, but not the older 2003 variant that we presently use.

Doug Mohney Presents On HDVoice AT DEFCON 18

Doug Mohney is spending this week in Las Vegas at DEFCON 18. I understand that today he was to give a presentation entitled “HDVoice –  The Overdue Revolution.”

I surely do wish that I was able to attend DEFCON and see Doug’s session, but my vacation plans were firm before I knew about what he was doing. I’m told that the DEFCON sessions were recorded and will eventually be made available for download.

Doug’s presentation includes a couple of the wideband audio examples with accompanying video clips of the energy vs frequency display from Cool Edit Pro. These are two examples from my Astricon 2009 presentation on HDVoice. The material for that presentation eventually made it online in several parts.

I’m happy to help people spread the gospel of HDVoice. I look forward to hearing Doug’s presentation when I’m back in action next week.

Gigaset SIP/DECT Handsets For 2010: Part 6 – SL78H

Introduced in early 2009, the Gigaset SL78H is the top-of-the-line cordless handset that they offer in North America.

Like the C59H and S79H, the SL78H is only being offered as an expansion handset with respect to the IP-capable A580IP and S675IP systems. You may see it offered as part of the SL780 or SL785, but these are not IP-capable systems.

As I’ve moved up the product range there has been a natural progression in features and physical attributes. Each better model builds logically upon the previous, but adds certain improvements in hardware or software.

At the top of the range the SL78H is physically a very different device. To start, it’s heavy. Unlike the prior models there is a lot of metal in the SL78H. Even the keypad itself has a brushed-metallic finish.

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HDVoice In Service Of Online Radio: Part 3

Sometimes the simplest questions result in the most interesting path of investigation. So it has been with Soljon’s initial question;

I am looking for an IP phone that supports G.722 and has audio inputs / outputs so I can connect it to my mixer. We are trying to connect two studios together for an online radio station. I have yet to find anything other than high end Polycom gear that has something like RCA in/out jacks. Have you by any chance come across anything?

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HDVoice In Service Of Online Radio: Part 2

In part 1 I addressed Soljon’s question about how to physically connect a G.722 capable SIP phone to a traditional audio mixer for use in an online radio project.

I understand and appreciate the intention to use a phone as the audio interface device. Phones are effectively appliances, offering excellent audio quality combined with simplicity of operation and high reliability.

This very logic leads me to use my Polycom IP650 in some unusual ways. For example, when I occasionally guest host the VUC calls I will call the ZipDX wideband conference bridge on one line, then call the Talkshoe G.711 bridge on a second line and perform an on-phone conference to connect the two bridges. Finally I engage the call recording function on the IP650 to give me an uncompressed WAV recording of the entire call.

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