Meta: Screencasting Using The BlackMagic Design Intensity Pro

There’s a new tool in the office and I’m actually pretty excited about it. For several months I’ve had the Black Magic Design Intensity Pro video capture card. It’s a little PCIe card that has a variety inputs, most notably HDMI in and out. In my currently working life this is part of a video … Continue reading “Meta: Screencasting Using The BlackMagic Design Intensity Pro”

Review: Logitech’s Brio 4K Webcam Pro

My how time flies. It hard to believe that I’ve had Logitech’s Brio 4k Webcam Pro in my office for well over a year. While I reported some cursory observations here and here, I’ve yet to give it a proper review…until now. As you may recall, I was quite eager to get my hands on … Continue reading “Review: Logitech’s Brio 4K Webcam Pro”

Using Multiple Cameras with Online Video Services

Conference Room Systems (CRS) is an aspect of Haverford Systems, a Philadelphia area A/V sales & integration company. I’ve been watching this company for some time as they seem to have a better than average grasp on USB attached webcams for applications beyond the desktop. Not too long ago one of their team posted an … Continue reading “Using Multiple Cameras with Online Video Services”

Capturing The Video Output Of A Nexus 7 Tablet

There are times when it would be handy to capture the video output of an Android device. This is typically what I need when writing something about an app that does something dynamic. For example, AudioTool by J.J. Bunn. As a tool for simple audio test & measurement capturing its output in real-time is the … Continue reading “Capturing The Video Output Of A Nexus 7 Tablet”

Our DoorBot Has Been Decommissioned: Part 2 – How Fi is Our Wi?

The problem with using a less than common Wifi AP is that a manufacturer can say, “we’ve never heard of that make/model”  and hope that they are thus absolved of any possible requirement to help troubleshoot the situation.  Not that the crew at DoorBot took that stance, but I’ve heard it plenty in prior situations. … Continue reading “Our DoorBot Has Been Decommissioned: Part 2 – How Fi is Our Wi?” Offers A Great WebRTC Experience

In the post-roll after last week’s VUC call I was able to invite Andy to join me in trying Talky a relatively new WebRTC– based video calling service from &Yet. The service is very interesting as is the company itself. I heartily recommend their blog. Andy and I had a good, lengthy chat using Talky. … Continue reading “ Offers A Great WebRTC Experience”