Comcast MPEG-4 Upgrades & TiVo

We love our Tivo DVRs. We’ve had them basically since the original Series 1 was initially offered. Our current compliment is a Tivo Roamio Plus with two Tivo Mini‘s. While there have been one or two times that CableCard related matters caused problems, Comcast and Tivo mostly get along. When problems do occur solving them, … Continue reading “Comcast MPEG-4 Upgrades & TiVo”

Owning The Comcast CPE

For the past few weeks I’ve been thinking about the Comcast issued CPE that lives in my office. It’s a modem/router combination from SMC. We’ve had the service a long while. All the while we’ve been renting the device for $12.95 a month. I can’t recall exactly when we transitioned from consumer to business class … Continue reading “Owning The Comcast CPE”

The Comcast Twins Are Idiots

NPR’s Marketplace recently had a nice interview with the CEO of Comcast. Part of that interview referenced the companies problem with a poor reputation for customer service. That brought to mind our own experience with the company, past and ongoing. As I’ve mentioned on numerous occasions, we rely upon Comcast Business Class internet access as … Continue reading “The Comcast Twins Are Idiots”

Comcast Digital Voice: HomePoint in HDVoice?

A couple of weeks ago we received a promotional mailer from Comcast about their new Digital Voice service with the optional HomePoint. If I might quote Robert Plant, “Ooooooh, it makes me wonder.” Is Comcast doing anything with respect to HDVoice? I had forgotten about HomePoint, the cordless phone that Comcast was promoting as a … Continue reading “Comcast Digital Voice: HomePoint in HDVoice?”

Comcast Business Class Internet Access Installed

The deed is done. We now have Comcast Business Class internet instead of their consumer offering. This is in addition to our realiable old Covad DSL. The tech finally arrived about four hours late. Prior to that Comcast actually called to tell me that he was going to miss the 11am – 2pm window for … Continue reading “Comcast Business Class Internet Access Installed”

Comcast Trouble Resolved With Help From Their Tweeple

I was incensed as a result of the past weeks trouble with the cable card swap that Comcast imposed. After considerable time spent on the phone in the afternoon I detailed the situation in a blog post early last evening. At the point when I wrote that post we had no clear path to solution, … Continue reading “Comcast Trouble Resolved With Help From Their Tweeple”