D.I.Y. Asterisk Appliances: A Question Of Scale

Selecting hardware appropriate for a particular Asterisk installation has been a topic of discussion ever since the emergence of Asterisk. This typically centers around choosing hardware to handle n users or x concurrent calls. Often the focus is on how to scale up to the greatest number of users for a given server. However, there … Continue reading “D.I.Y. Asterisk Appliances: A Question Of Scale”

Jazinga Embedded Asterisk Appliance In The House

The folks up at Jazinga in Toronto were nice enough to provide me with a sample of their new embedded Asterisk appliance. It’s actually been here for quite a while but other matters have distracted me from giving it the attention it deserves. Over the coming couple of weeks I hope to explore its capabilities, … Continue reading “Jazinga Embedded Asterisk Appliance In The House”

A Suggestion To Asterisk Appliance Developers

I’ve made it very clear over the months writing this blog that I like the appliance approach to Asterisk, or any PBX, especially for SOHO/SMB applications. It’s just a good sensible approach. Over the past year there have emerged some really good product offerings in this area. By combining the flexibility of Asterisk or Freeswitch … Continue reading “A Suggestion To Asterisk Appliance Developers”

Pika Working To Create a Developer Community Around Their WARP Asterisk Appliance

Earlier today I had a comment from Dave Clark of Pika Technologies. He pointed me to WARP Xtra, a new web site that they have launched with the express intent of developing a user/developer community around their new WARP Asterisk appliance. I had a quick look around and it certainly appears interesting. Part blog and … Continue reading “Pika Working To Create a Developer Community Around Their WARP Asterisk Appliance”

Koolu: A D.I.Y. Asterisk Appliance?

There are so many Asterisk appliances around these days. Even so, some of us have DIY tendencies. I still stand by my recycled T5700 thin client as a host platform, but I accept that I couldn’t sell that to a corporate or even SMB user looking for an Asterisk solution. Then this morning I read … Continue reading “Koolu: A D.I.Y. Asterisk Appliance?”