Finally, an Affordable Ambisonic Microphone

Long, long ago, in a city far, far away I was a college student. I was studying media arts, and somewhere along the line decided to do a paper on an emerging new approach to recording called Ambisonics. This is a most elegant approach to recording conceived by Michael Gerzon, a brilliant, English mathematician. Beyond … Continue reading “Finally, an Affordable Ambisonic Microphone”

Recommended Reading: 3D Sound Overview

A long time ago, when I was still in school in Toronto, I became fascinated with an obscure form of surround sound recording known as Ambisonics. In researching a paper for school I became smitten by the approach conceived by English mathematician Michael Gerzon. It’s a truly elegant system, something beyond the commercially successful surround … Continue reading “Recommended Reading: 3D Sound Overview”

Binaural Fun With AmbiExplorer For Android

My issue with use of the term 3D with reference to binaural voice conferencing service stems from the fact that I’ve been having some fun with real 3D audio over the past couple of months. This has come about since Hector Centeno released AmbiExplorer for Android, an application that lets us decode Ambisonic recordings for … Continue reading “Binaural Fun With AmbiExplorer For Android”

This is the sort of “3D” that I will not up with put!

Remember the opening sequence Sesame Street? Well, this post is brought to you by the number 3 and the letter D…cuz some of you weren’t paying attention all those years ago! Both Voxeet and Dolby Voice are interesting binaural conference services. However, some of the marketecture being deployed sets off alarm bells in my mind. … Continue reading “This is the sort of “3D” that I will not up with put!”

Immersive Audio: Sound All Around You

Ok, this is me diving into the deep-end of something that very possibly literally no-one in the world cares about. That’s just so typical of me. Actually, I know that a few people are starting to clue in about this because I’ve heard it come up here and there in conversation, most recently at the … Continue reading “Immersive Audio: Sound All Around You”

Codecs, Wideband & Stereo: A Conversation At AMOOCON

Back in the spring of this year VUC founder Randy Resnick made the trek to Germany to attend AMOOCON, a conference for Asterisk Users. AMOOCON started out in 2007 known as AsteriskTAG which literally translated means “Asterisk Day.” While at AMOOCON Randy made a point of recording some of the presentations. These recordings can be … Continue reading “Codecs, Wideband & Stereo: A Conversation At AMOOCON”