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Windows 10 Anniversary Update Breaks USB Camera Functionality

This afternoon I installed the Windows 10 anniversary update to my Lenovo X1 Carbon laptop. Since it’s not my primary machine, I always update the laptop first. Also, it’s 256 GB SSD is easily imaged to a portable hard drive, giving me a way back if required.

After the update was completed I went about assessing it’s behavior. I was particularly concerned by a report I had found in the Open Broadcaster support forum indicating that people were having trouble with webcam performance post-update. I’ve just now confirmed the problem that they reported.

Post update Windows 10 does not allow any USB-attached webcams to be configured for the delivery of MJPEG or H264 encoded video streams. While initially reported by someone using the Logitech C930e webcam, this also applies to the more common Logitech C920.

Wanting to explore the scope of the issue further, I tried the AVer Information VC520. This is an all-in-one USB-attached conference room solution comprised of a PTZ camera and conference phone, not unlike the Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e.

While the device is MJPEG and H264 capable, the updated Windows 10 system only offers uncompressed YUY2 encoding.

I confirmed this behavior in OBS Studio, vMix and SparkoCam. In all cases this limits the cameras to 720p30, where they should be capable of 1080p30.

This problem very likely applies to all USB-attached webcams. It seems that Microsoft has broken something their UVC driver or the related stack.

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  1. FWIW, I visited Microsoft support and engaged a chat session with one of their team. My case number is 1350132389.

    1. HI Michael, do you have any update after the chat with Microsoft support on this issue?
      We have the same problem with our product so I was wondering what did Microsoft thinks about it.

      1. In fact, today…a week later…I contacted Microsoft support to see if this problem could be at least acknowledged. They had the case notes, but could not acknowledge the problem.

        The script their support person followed did not allow them to do anything but try to prescribe a solution. There is no solution to such a new problem.

        In the end they sent me a link to some utterly worthless document from 2015. It’s only merit was that it was about solving a problem with a non-functional webcam.

        They were simply not equipped to handle someone bring them very specific notes about a very specific problem. I have resorted to registering the matter in various related forums, hoping that it will eventually get some attention.

  2. I have the same issues on 2 machines with builtin webcams and a Logitech USB.

    I rolled back to the previous Windows build from 1607 and my Webcams works again.
    “Note that the rollback time for 1607 is just 10 DAYS!, not 30 days like before.” I hope this helps

    Here is a link with Instructions how to roll back to previous build. It worked fine for me and didn’t take so long. I hope this helps. It solved my problems.

    Be sure to turn off automatic updates or 1607 will install again. Turn off the auto and all should work.

    1. Indeed, rolling back gets around the issue in the near term. However, Microsoft needs to address the issue so our systems can eventually receive security updates.

      As it happens my primary vMix system has a slightly more complicated disk setup that won’t take the anniversary update anyway. I’ve update my laptop, but it’s really just a testbed with respect to vMix et al.

  3. Hello,

    Is there any update towards this matter? and maybe a short term fix? I bought a C920 last week and I want to use it with OBS but for this reason it does not work at all with OBS. It just works with the Microsoft Camera App and Skype. I have a window capture of skype video settings in OBS now which is a terrible work around xD

    Thanks in advanced πŸ™‚

    1. If you check the MSDN link provided in another comment you’ll see that MS has acknowledged the problem that they have caused. They are working on a fix that will allow at least MJPEG encoded access via their new frame server.

      1. Alright! Let’s hope it wont take ages for them to put it through then πŸ˜› Thanks for the reply!

  4. Okay, I just updated Windows 10 to the Anniversary update from the 1511 version. This seemed to have actually fixed the issue I had with my Logitech C920. It works with the logitech software aswell as with OBS, havent tested skype yet but my guess is it will also work there, since it already worked on there before.

    Just an FYI to you guys still struggling it might give some insight. Hope it helps!

    1. Details matter here. No-one said that the webcam simply didn’t work. Without access to MJPEG or H264 it doesn’t deliver 1080p30.

      In OBS check what sort of encodings you have available. I bet it’s only YUY2. That means you can only deliver 720p30. If you set the camera for 1080p you’ll be lucky to get 5-8 frames/sec.

      1. Yeah, I guess it does haha. But I didn’t read anywhere how to adjust that for different software. I suppose OBS has the option but I never realised. I partly went off of my own experience and what I have been able to find on the internet. But the details you just provided might help someone else who is on the same level of tech as I am.

  5. After Windows 10 anniversary upgrade, my webcam stopped working. It worked flawlessly before. I encountered the similar problem last year after updated to Windows 10. Not sure the problem was caused by webcam driver. I tried to fix the driver with Driver Talent and reboot. My webcam gets back to work. πŸ™‚ Well, the tips are from Just share it here for those who also have this problem. πŸ™‚

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