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Celebrating Five Years Of The VoIP Users Conference on ZipDX

VUC-ZIPDX-5th-AnniversaryNext week will mark five years of using ZipDX. In that time we have used ZipDX to host 318 VUC calls, each and every one in HDVoice.

My earliest experience with HDVoice arose from being asked to review the new Polycom SoundPoint IP650 and IP550 back in Q1/2008. That review first appeared at Small Net Builder in August 2008. The initial experience of using those desk phones inspired me to seek out ways of incorporating HDVoice into my daily life.

That summer someone at Polycom introduced me to David Frankel, CEO of ZipDX, quite likely the very first commercial HDVoice conference service. It was only natural that I would invite David to a guest appearance on a VoIP Users Conference call to talk about HDVoice.

David’s initial appearance on a VUC call was on November 7th, 2008. That first experience went so well that from January 23rd, 2009 ZipDX became the sole conference bridge used to host VUC calls.

In May 2009 I attended the first of Jeff Pulver’s HDVoice Summits in NYC. At that summit it was noted that the weekly VUC calls were likely the single most accessible public example of HDVoice in-use.

IMHO, HDVoice is an absolute must for anyone producing a podcast. It might have been avant-garde back in 2009. It’s basically mainstream in 2014. ZipDX provides a great toolset for such activities.

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