Telestream’s Wirecast 4.2 Integrates with Google Hangouts, Skype & GotoMeeting

Wirecast-logo-200pxFor quite some time I’ve been looking for a way to leverage things like Skype video calling, Google Hangouts or Citrix GotoMeeting with HD Faces. However, I don’t want to use a webcam as the video source. I want to use a real, high-quality video source….preferably an HD-SDI video source.

Clearly I’ve got my own reasons for this sort of requirement. I work with equipment that outputs production grade video. By “production grade” I mean entirely uncompressed video. That’s 270 Mbps for SD and 1.459 Gbps for HD. It’s very clean video.

There are times when I need to be able to stream this kind of video to a remote site. Of course it’s not practical to send the uncompressed stream wholly unaltered. Well, it could be done, but for a hefty price.

Since the far end is typically an ad hoc location what I really need is a way to use an uncompressed HD-SDI source, but deliver a decent quality, sensibly compressed stream to something handy at the far end. It would be most ideal if it didn’t require an installed app to receive the stream. Finally, it should handle firewalls and NAT without flinching.

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Language Evolves, But Some People Are just Sloppy With It

A lot of offers drop into my email inbox. Sometimes companies are trying to sell me stuff. Quite often they want me to join in on their free “webinar!” I’ve made no secret of the fact that I hate the word “webinar.” It’s an abomination.

Over the years I’ve used Citrix GotoMeeting quite a lot. It’s a bit scary to think of how long I’ve paid them their monthly pound of flesh, but the service has truly changed my life. It allows me to perform remote support and maintenance processes without physically travelling to the customer site. When Citrix later offered GotoManage, a service more optimized around remote admin functions, my employer adopted it company-wide.

So, you see, I’m open to the use of such services…but I despise the way the language is warping around their use. “Webinars” don’t typically happen on the web. They happen online. You may access a web site into order to get into the session, but they don’t actually occur on the web. If they occurred on the web there’d be no installable applet involved. It would all happen inside the web browser with no plug-in required. It would all happen over HTTP.

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Deal Alert: Plantronics Voyager Pro HD For $29.95

This morning Daily Steals is offering the Plantronics Voyager Pro HD for a mere $29.95. That’s not bad for an HDVoice capable Bluetooth headset. It’s lists at $99 while I bought one a few months ago for the more common street price of $59.95.

I’ve used the Voyager Pro HD with my netbook, desktop, Nexus 7 tablet and Galaxy Nexus cell phone. It worked well with every device and handles wideband audio if the other ends also supports HDVoice.

In the past I’ve used the Voyager Pro HD with a Polycom VVX-500 desk phone. This was possible using the optional BT300 USB BT dongle from Plantronics. This worked well, but of course adds cost to the overall solution.

More recently I have used the Voyager Pro HD with the new Polycom VVX-600, which has a built in BT radio. In both cases the Voyager Pro HD provided long battery life, HDVoice and hook switch control.