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Knoxville’s McGhee Tyson Airport Delivers Power to The People

Back in January I made a trip to Fresno where I found that the newly renovated airport took a decidedly 1980’s approach to publicly available AC power. That is, they basically didn’t provide any beyond the occasional outlet to allow someone to polish the floors.

A recent trip to Knoxville TN presents a splendid contrast. Arriving at Knoxville’s McGhee Tyson airport I found a new-ish facility that had taken a more enlightened approach to providing travelers with power for their gadgetry…they had built it into otherwise normal seating.

Powered Seating At Knoxville Airport

Powered Seating At Knoxville Airport (image from a G2 cell phone)

This sort of seating is relatively commonplace in public spaces. I’m sure that I’ve seen it elsewhere. This version was enhanced with the addition of a simple outlet strip along the bottom of the row.

The outlet strip is the very same kind that I’ve purchased at Fry’s here in Houston and use around my workbench. There’s probably more cost in adding the signage that tells passers-by about the outlets than the outlet strip itself.

I noticed a number of these rows of electric seats around the facility. Kudos to management at TYS for providing this convenience to the travelling public. This is fine example of how easy it can be to equip public spaces in support of the 21 st century gadget-toting public.

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