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Powerless At FAT: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Last week I had occasion to spend several days in Fresno CA. Their airport code is FAT. But FAT is not PHAT. In fact, it’s powerless.

Like many places in the country Fresno is busily enhancing their airport. The terminal from which I arrived and departed looks like a brand new building.

The terminal had all the traditional conveniences; public restrooms, a few places to eat & drink. Of course it had seating for all the waiting passengers. It has free, but very slow, internet access via wifi. What it lacked was sensible access to AC power for people using their personal electronics.

Oh,there were a few outlets hidden here and there in the inner-most walls of the building. These seemed to be placed more for the convenience of the cleaning crew than the passengers.

Where there were a few outlets, in a central corridor between the two eateries, a number of people were clustered having conversations on their cell phone even as they were being charged. There was little seating thereabouts.

This kind of oversight is surely a sign that the powers-that-be in airport management are completely out of touch with the travelling public.

Here in Houston at Hobby Airport Southwest Airlines has installed rows of comfortable seating where each chair has two AC outlets AND a powered USB port! In this manner you can charge your laptop and your iPod or cell phone.

In other airports I’ve seen Samsung branded charging stations where people can stop to put a quick, free charge on their personal electronic devices.

Both of those are examples of how airports should be made more convenient for the travelling public. FAT is an example of NOT to design the interior of a modern airport.

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