Grandstream Network’s New GXP-1400: HDVoice On The Cheap

Not too long ago the only phones truly capable of delivering an HDVoice experience were in the upper end of the pricing spectrum for common desktop SIP phones, typically well over $200 each. Early in 2010 the situation improved when Polycom released the Soundpoint IP335 priced at around $130.

Grandstream Network’s recently dropped the cost of entry another notch in releasing their new GXP1400 & GXP1405 models. According to their press release:

“The GXP1400/1405 delivers superior wideband HD audio quality, high performance full duplex speakerphone with advanced acoustic echo cancellation…”

With list pricing in the range of $59 and 65 USD they’re certainly on the affordable side of things.

For that price you might expect very little, but they seem to have a reasonable compliment of features, including;

  • 2 line keys with dual-color LED
  • one SIP registration
  • 128×40 pixel graphical LCD display
  • 3 XML programmable context-sensitive soft keys
  • dual network ports
  • integrated PoE (GXP1405 only)
  • 3-way conferencing

I’ve not laid hands on these new models myself, but I can certainly see they may appeal to a more cost conscious uSMB or SOHO user.

While I have no doubt that you get what you pay for, I’m also keenly aware that everyone’s sense of what has value is a little different. If you were holding off exploring the benefits of HDVoice purely because of cost, perhaps the GXP140x models could get you started down that path in a most affordable manner?


Telesphere’s VideoConnect: Cloud-Based Video Conf Service for SMB

TelesphereVideoConnectLogo Tuesday I had an opportunity to try Telesphere’s new VideoConnect service. VideoConnect is a video conference service targeting what’s loosely called the “SMB” sector. That is, businesses smaller than typically use hardware-centric telepresence or video conferencing solutions.

To understand VideoConnect to helps to first frame up Telesphere, who are a Phoenix AZ based provider of hosted Voice/UC services based upon the Broadsoft cloud. Telesphere’s service offering also leverages their private, managed MPLS network. That means that they provide a private connection to end-user sites, ensuring that their services are delivered without issues of QoS/QoE.

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On The Media Covers Voicemail Security & Spoofing Caller ID

Sunday’s episode of On The Media from WNYC had considerable coverage of the evolving News Of The World story. In addition they had a full segment on the state of voicemail security in the US.

In the segment on voicemail security Executive Producer John Keefe tried one of the common “hacks” on his own cellular service. Using an online service he spoofed his caller ID such that the cellular carrier thought he was calling from his own cell phone number from his own handset, a circumstance where they may not require the use of the voicemail PIN code.

They go on to give an overview of the state of basic voice mail security with some of the major US carriers. Apparently only AT&T and Sprint by default allow caller ID based bypass of the requirement for use of a PIN code.

It’s good to see someone looking beyond the face of the scandal to consider how the cellular carriers blatant disregard for even the simplest matters of security allowed the exploits occur.

DIY SOHO Organization For Rack Mount Gear

The late George Carlin famously told a story about, “a place for my stuff.” A home office can be a challenging place in which to find a proper home for all you stuff. We need a place for everything, and everything in its place…or anarchy reins.

As most home offices are not equipped like corporate data centers, rack mount equipment can be especially difficult to accommodate. Often gear designed to be rack mounted doesn’t readily take to being used on a table top, at least not for the long-term. I recently stumbled upon a novel and inexpensive solution to housing a small amount of rack mount gear; the Lack Side Table from IKEA.

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CSR Wireless Audio Platform: Why You Should Care

A few days ago CSR, a company based in Cambridge UK, issued a press release highlighting the fact that their BC6145 chip was used by LG in the new HBM-260 Bluetooth headset. Normally consumer Bluetooth headsets are just one thing….dull. However, you might just give this news a look because there’s something interesting behind the headlines.

Your presence at this site indicates that you have at least some passing familiarity with the phenomenon that is HDVoice. Over the past couple of years I’ve worked to find HDVoice capable tools for my own use. I started with soft phones, but then went on to explore SIP hard phones and eventually accessories like headsets. Often I was startled and frustrated by the complete lack of suitable products in the marketplace.

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Can You Hear Me Now? Headset vs Speakerphone In The Home Office

Headset vs Speakerphone Every time you make or receive a phone call it’s for a reason; there’s a point to be made, something to be communicated. Communicating effectively is critically important in business.

Anything that helps to make your message more clearly gives an advantage. Inversely, anything that makes it more difficult to communicate is, in reality, a threat to your business. This principle should be your guide as you select equipment for your small office or home office.

When considering home office telephony the technologically inclined often get bogged down in debate about the use of traditional phone service vs various forms of IP telephony. This is a big issue, with many complexities to be considered. However, there is a simpler issue that can have a dramatic impact on the enhancing your ability to communicate clearly; do you have a good headset?

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