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Deal Alert: HP Mini 5101 & 5102 Netbooks from $297!

The HP mini 5102 has only been shipping for a few months. I’ve only had mine for about a month. Even so deals are starting to show up.

These corporate class netbooks are head & shoulders better than the consumer offerings you’ll see at retailers. Today’s email list of overstock and refurbished systems from the HP SMB Outlet includes 20 different configurations of the 5101 & 5102…starting from only $297!

The SMB Outlet even have a number of systems that are not the Smart Buy configurations.The Smart Buy configs are kinda bland, but faster to ship. To get the more interesting options you had to order a custom configuration and have it made to order. This is why it took three weeks to get delivery of mine…and it cost just shy of $800.

These custom configs may include things like the optional touch screen or the HD display with 1366×768 resolution. Truly, the HD display has redefined my relationship with the whole idea of a netbook. It’s still only 10″ diagonally, but it’s got enough pixels to show you an entire web page without always requiring that you scroll.

You can find some of these models on offer on the web at the SMB Outlet, but not everything available is listed there. The 5101 for $297 was not shown online. I see one very similar to mine being offered for $399! Quantities truly are limited so act quickly if you want one.

I wish I made a commission on these things for all of the raving that I’ve been doing over the past month. I really love my Mini 5102.

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