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Deal Alert: Gigaset S79H vs SL78H or S67H

Well isn’t this kind of curious? The newer Gigaset S79H handset is being offered on Amazon for $69.95. In contrast the older S67H handset is being offered for $63.08. Both are expansion handsets intended to be an addition to an existing Gigaset systems. They’ll work just fine with either the A580 or S675 base.

The difference in price is very slight given that the S79H actually has some of the features of the SL78H handset, which is offered for a whopping $149.95. The S79H has a 2.5mm standard wired headset connector like the S67H, but also a mini-usb connector for use with the Gigaset QuickSync software. That means that you can conveniently sync up to 500 contacts from Outlook. It also has a handy alarm function and rational volume buttons on the side of the handset.

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OnSIP On The iPad

Clearly, some people have just too much time on their hands. The release of the iPad has garnered a lot of attention this week. As I've mentioned elsewhere it doesn't suit my needs especially well, but I accept that its…

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One Mans Decision: Netbook vs iPad

On this weekend that Apple is launching their latest revolutionary wunder-device, the iPad, I find myself thinking about the past year carrying a little netbook.

It’s about a year ago that I bought my first netbook, the HP Mini 2140. I pondered that purchase for several months wondering which model netbook was best suited to my needs. There were and remain are so many models, so very similar in most ways. In particular I needed insight into using the smaller keyboard.

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New Gigaset Models For 2010

After going quite for some time it was good to hear from a friend at Gigaset Communications earlier this week. I'm told that earlier in the year they undertook a little strategic restructuring but are continuing to promote their SIP/DECT…

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