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Junction Networks: New Features & Policy Changes

onsip-logo-160It’s been a while since I paid any attention to OnSIP. Since they are my primary ITSP this very fact is probably “a good thing.” It means that we haven’t had any issues. However, they have been making a few changes in their service. These changes bear closer examination.

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Royalty-Free Is The New Fashion In Codecs

It’s only mid-week and it’s already been quite a trip in the audio codec landscape. Broadcom announced that they are releasing into open source under the LGPL their BV16 and BV32 audio codecs. The relevant page on their web site includes documents outlining the techniques implemented in the codecs and C source code.

I’m not familiar with either of the Broadcom codecs. I see that they are available in some versions of Counterpath’s X-Lite and Eyebeam soft phones. Support for these codecs in hardware is something that I’m yet to determine.

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USB Speakerphones: An Observation

Over a period of years I’ve used quite a number of these portable USB attached speakerphone devices. A while ago I summarized my experienced with them, but as a couple of new models have recently emerged so I find that they have my attention yet again. These new devices, if I should be lucky enough to try them, will be the focus on some future posts. For the moment I have another observation to share based upon a recent experience.

Six USB Speakerphones

All of these portable speakerphones I find well suited to individual use. That is, they work well enough for an individual who sitting at their PC and doesn’t like to wear a headset. They’re also sufficiently portable to please a road warrior. One of the nice things about this kind of device is that they often support HDVoice when paired with a suitable soft phone.

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Polycom SoundPoint IP335: HDVoice Hits A New Low

polycom 331…price that is. Polycom used VoiceCon this week as an opportunity to launch their newest low-end HDVoice capable desktop phone, the Polycom SoundPoint IP335. An update of the popular SoundPoint IP330/331 models the major changes in the IP335 include support for HDVoice via hardware upgrades and support for the G.722 codec.

The SoundPoint IP335 is a two-line phone with full duplex speakerphone capability. It also features an RJ-9 connection for a traditional headset, a backlit LCD display and electronic hookswitch (EHS) capability. All of these features are upgrades from the prior model.

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