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Gigaset Firmware Update Released

siemens-a580ip-160This morning I was told that Gigaset have released some new firmware for their SIP/DECT lineup. Since I have the A580IP in service I decided to have a look at the release notes and give it a try right away. The new release is version 02214.

Using a web browser I logged into the admin site for the DECT base and, went to the “Miscellaneous” option on the menu and selected “Update Firmware.”  The device reported that it would download the new firmware and restart, which might take a few minutes. About 3 minutes later it was rebooted and again available on the network. Revisiting the admin interface the system status now shows as follows:


The handsets seem to be working normally. I guess I’ll find out more as I go about using them over the next few days.

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  1. Despite the Audio (codec) page being unaltered, it seems that the wide band codec (G.722) has been disabled… additional testing may show otherwise.

    The timing seems interesting as it was just this weekend that I spoke with support regarding problems with G.722 during calls with various SIP providers (Gizmo, Callcentric,… two days later, a firmware update with the above undocumented change…

    1. I did upgrade my A580IP yesterday. We’ve not had any trouble thus far. I made a call to a Polycom IP650 and confirmed that G.722 remains functional.

  2. Warning! I’d caution against updating your firmware to version 02214!! I have a an S685IP and since updating the firmware this morning my phone has been very erratic, dropping out etc. Spoke to my VOIP provider who traced my calls and said it was indeed losing connections and they said they’d had other users of Siemens phones today report problems since upgrading the firmware. I phoned Siemens support and they admitted they are aware of several reports of problems with the new firmware release. Said they are working on it but could not give me an ETA for a fix. They just told me to rest the base station and “that should fix the problems”. It seems that’s they’re standard suggested cure-all, but as I’d no choice I reluctantly did so. After doing that and spending 20 minutes reinserting all my settings etc. – you guessed it – problems are still there! As it’s not possible to downgrade the firmware I’m basically ****ed cos Siemens apparently released dodgy firmware!! Grrrr!!

  3. I updated an S675IP base with an SL785 and two S67H handsets registered to it. We’ve experienced no noticeable issues from the firmware update. I’ve been able to make external calls and internal calls with all the handsets. That being said, these are lightly used phones.

  4. On DSL Reports there is a long-running thread on the Gigasets. One user reports that reaction to button presses on the S67H handset seems much faster. Trying one I have on-hand I agree. And it’s a welcome improvement.

    I’ve sent a message to Gigaset to inquire about the possibility of downgrading if that should become desirable. I’ve also tweeted about the possible firmware issues as a way of polling users. So far today no-one who follows my tweets has reported any significant issues.

  5. Updated my Gigaset C475IP this morning before I left for work (UK) and the firmware update has screwed up the phone. Unable to talk to it or identify its IP address. Handsets are useless. 🙁

  6. Forgot to mention… the firmware has also stopped that “away” presence issue I had mentioned previously. So, my experience with the new firmware on S675 is very positive (so far).

  7. My S685IP isn’t picking up it’s Default Gateway setting via DHCP anymore. I’ve had to manually configure it with a static IP, netmask, DNS, and gateway info. Wideband (G.722) calls are working fine to my Asterisk box. Cannot select SIP DTMF method. It’s stuck permanently on “Auto”. Keyboard response has improved. Deleting numbers from the call lists responds much quicker than previous firmwares. Connections to the “Info Center” is MUCH quicker. Web interface into the DECT base unit is still slow via most browsers (SeaMonkey 1.x/2.x, Firefox 2.x/3.0.x/3.5.x, Chrome 3.0.x, IE 7) on Vista Business. Web interface is faster on the MacOS X 10.5 (Leopard) using Safari but not Chrome beta nor Firefox 3.5.

  8. Further to my earlier post, want to highlight the specific issues I’ve had since the firmware upgrade.

    1. It did not save all my previous settings. e.g. It changed the codec for DTMF to “Auto” which I found meant trying to use key presses to respond to things stopped working!

    2. My specific, and to be honest so far, ONLY problem otherwise since the firmware upgrade is that I’m now unable to make calls to UK 0870 or 0845 numbers. Whenever I try to dial them via my VoIP service ( the phone just gives up and brifely displays “Provider Registration failed”. I queried this again with tech support at but they have restated that it must be a firmware bug as

    a) They’ve tracked my calls and in those instances the call seems to try for 90 seconds but then drops out.

    b) They’ve confirmed these numbers are routed via same path as other numbers I’m dialling which DO successfully connect.

    c) They confirmed they managed to successfully make IP calls to the same numbers with alternate handsets.

    They also said they’d received several calls from other Siemens-using customers on same day, all of whom were having various issues since updating their firmware. They further stated that they no longer resell Siemens phones because of ongoing reliability issues, and also that when they previously did sell the phones they sold them with the auto-check for firmware updates option disabled – as they claim that Siemens has a history of releasing firmware updates that are buggy and cause problems on phones that were previously working fine.

    Anyway, as Siemens customer care did confirm to me they were aware of problems with the 02214 update I can only hope they will address them soon and release a further update soon. They would not agree to email me when an update was issued, so I’ll just have to watch out for it!

  9. Correction! Item 1 above should say:

    1. It did not save all my previous settings. e.g. It changed the DTMF over VoIP connections setting from RF2833 to “Auto” which I found meant trying to use key presses to respond to things stopped working!

  10. I have seen one odd behavior since I upgraded and it seems to be with sip uri dialing.

    Using Google 411 as an example, I have extension 411 point to a sip uri for google 411 through (

    When I dial 411, the call does not go through, the handset blinks “base” and the signal strength for the phone goes to zero for a second, and then the normal display comes back as if no phone call was ever made.

    However, if i dial the PSTN number 800-Goog-411, the call goes through with no issue.

    Further testing shows that when I log onto, onsip sees the call normally, but doesnt realize the handset has disconnected. shows the call lasting for about a minute until it finally disconnects.

    I have not tested extensively with other sip uri’s (because I dont have many to call) to see if this is isolated to Google 411 or not.

    But I definitely did not have this problem with the earlier firmware revision.

  11. Problem might be codec related.

    Gareth, I’ve noticed that if my Siemens is supporting G.722 and G.711(u/a) then calls to G.711 destinations do not work. Calls to G.722 endpoints do work.

    Also, receiving calls from G.711 endpoints work even when I have G.722 and G.711 enabled for my siemens phone.

    1. I’m definitely not seeing this behavior. I can call from my Gigaset handsets to my cell phone with no issues at all. I have an A580IP with A58H, S67H and SL78H handsets.

  12. Accepted offered update to firmware on my S685IP to Firmware version: 022140000000 / 043.00 two days ago. Since then I have had to reboot the base station FOUR times. The problem seems to be loss of registration with provider. Is there any way I can downgrade to previous version??

    1. This is exactly the question I posed to Gigaset. I’m still waiting on an answer. In theory it looks like you should be able to point the phone to a local firmware file and force a downgrade. However, there is a question of getting access to that file.

  13. Well, as per suggestion, I have just tried removing the G.722 codec (Via web configurator> Telephony> Audio) and then tried a call to an 0870 number. What do you know – I can now call that number!! Excellent :¬)

  14. I take my previous statement back. As of this afternoon, I can no longer complete a call to an 800 number (even Google 411)…

  15. Greg – Try disabling the G.722 codec (solution thanks to imchandave ) as that has fixed the problems for quite a few of us it seems.

  16. It looks like when the handset reports “provider registration fails” this is because the base station has stopped responding to the network – I can’t ping the base station when this happens. Switching it off then on again fixes it for a while but I’ve had to do that 3 or 4 times already today. I am using static IP settings. Downgrading would be ideal at this point…

  17. I should mention that this is for the S685 IP – the S450 IP is working fine. Disabling the G.722 codec doesn’t help with this problem.

  18. Mike…switch off DHCP and use static IP.

    Mike, I’ve noticed that the new firmware looses my gateway IP assignment when obtained via DHCP. After switching off DHCP and using static IP assignments, I don’t see the “provider registration fails” that often. And, I haven’t needed to reboot my base unit.

  19. Great thread, sad that Siemens releases firmware that cant correct the many problems with the S685IP. I have always had problems with ‘Provider registration Failed’ and this turned out to be both a problem with my asterisk server and the fact that the 685 base station seemed to ‘forget’ its IP on frequent occasions.
    Upgrading asterisk to the latest 1.4.X.X version seemed to make the whole system more stable and setting static IP on the unit similarly improved stability, but the base still loses registration with the asterisk box about every other day.
    I also have a Polycom901 sitting on my desk and it has never lost registration with any internal accounts on my asterisk box or external ones at SIP providers.
    I find in incredible that Siemens, with all their resources, cant build a device (however capable in other respects) that reliably remains attached to the VOIP account.

    Sorry – I’m rambling. Just wanted to report that since accepting the firmware upgrade to 02214 all the message waiting indicators on the handsets blink continuously – despite no messages or missed calls. I have (of course) applied the Standard Seimens Support Solution (SSSS) of resetting the base and it has made no difference.
    Any suggestions most welcome………

    1. I’m reasonably certain that Gigaset will make good on whatever problems people are having. The question is simply when. No matter how large the company such matters always come down to just a handful of people, and the scope of testing that they do in-house prior to the release of new firmware. Every phone maker that I’ve ever dealt with has at one time or another offer up some very poorly considered code. There have been some pretty regrettable releases of Asterisk as well. No-one’s perfect. Let’s just see how quickly they can move to address the issues being reported.

      Oh, yes. You should know that Gigaset Communications is not part of Siemens any longer. They are a freestanding company. They use the Siemens name under license for now, but even that will end eventually.

  20. Problem might only exists with 02214 firmware and S68H handsets.

    I’ve done some more experimenting with my S68H that’s having problems with the 02214 firmware and might have narrowed it down to the reception of SIP 183 “Session Progress” indicator packets. I’ve posted more info on DSLReports:

    I would post more info here but I need to get to work…

    See ya…


  21. I’m back with more info on the problem.

    It is an issue with the S68H (with G.722 as one of the available codec) calling to a G.711(u/a) endpoint that sends SIP 183 Early Media indicators back to the S68H. When the handset receives the SIP 183 packet, the device will terminate the call. I’ve documented the problem and a work-around if you are using Asterisk as the VOIP gateway for the S68H on DSLReports:

    I’ve posted a bug report to the Gigaset Customer Care website. Michael, if you can forward this info to Tony in Gigaset US, that might raise better awareness inside Gigaset.

    See ya…


  22. Thanks for the great information! I have this into the R+D team and will keep you posted. imchandave, where are you in the world?

  23. Tony, I’m in Hong Kong. But, I’m reachable via my US phone numbers as well as email. Michael could forward you my email address if your guys need to reach me.

    See ya…


  24. Since the firmware update 02214 My Gigaset S450IP has dropouts every 2 minutes or so. I use G.711 a/u codec.

    I will wait for the fix from Siemens and after that I will set automatic firmware update off!!

  25. Zandur, can you give me some background information on your configuration and VoIP provider so I can test this out?

  26. Updated to 02214 firmware and my Gigaset s450IP turn to shit . sip reg failing firmware update has screwed up my phone to Unable to talk to it or identify its IP address. Handsets are alsso useless.

  27. Since the update our phone need resetting at least twice a day, otherwise they show ‘provider registration failed’. I phoned Gigaset and they advised doing the factory reset; if that fails (which I’m sure it will), I need to return the system to their service centre. The techie didn’t sound very optimistic – he insisted I noted down the service centre address straight away!
    It seems ridiculous that we can’t downgrade the firmware when there is a clear mechanism using the web browser. Surely someone can get the firmware file? Please help.

    1. Which model of device are you using? Gigaset R+D is pursuing the matter, but a solution will no doubt take a little time. The S685 systems seem to be the most problematic thus far.

  28. Time? Take the old firmware, put a newer date on it, send it out for the phones to update… problem fixed. I design servers for a living… if a bad firmware gets released to the field, we issue a fix (even if the fix is to go back to an older firmware) immediately. Not weeks later.

  29. I guess that downloading the firmware might cause problems with the settings as there are quite a few new ones in the latest firmware. I’d be happy to wipe out all my settings and reenter them if it meant I could go back to a working firmware though. I did already try a base reset by the way but it doesn’t help with the problem.

    imchandave, are you seeing that the problem with the base station losing network connectivity goes away if G722 is disabled and/or a static IP address is used? Unfortunately neither seems to make a difference for me.

  30. Hello Gigaset_man, I am using XS4all as VOIP provider. What more would you like to know about configuration? There’s many pages in the webconfigurator ..

  31. i did a factory reset but now i cant Select VoIP Provider and download the settings
    what did firmware 2204 do to my s450ip anybody have the same problem ?

  32. Did you register the handset(s) to the base? During the factory reset, the handsets are un-registered and will not automatically register like it did when you pulled it out of the box.

    Without a registered handset, I do not think it will allow a voip registration.


  34. Ugh! A complete reprogram of the data?
    Please will any brave individual confirm that this ‘fix’ works for them as well. I’d like to see two or three confirmations before I go through the whole process.
    I’m have the S685IP base with S68 handsets – the apparently problematic config. I get dropouts – ‘provider registration fail’ two or three times daily on Plusnet provider. I am getting very annoyed at resetting the base station every time.
    I don’t understand why the ‘old version’ of firmware isn’t left on the gigaset website – that’s what everyone else does.

  35. I can confirm that a hard reset does not fix the problem for me. I did a hard reset yesterday, reprogrammed everything and today the base station lost its network connectivity again…

  36. Still holding off a hard reset. It doesn’t look to me like datafill.
    For clarification, I have a fixed IP behind a Draytek router to Plusnet. Never had any ‘loss of provider’ until the November upgrade.
    The ‘loss of provider’ is because the whole base unit has crashed. It no longer responds to its IP address, although the router does. The blue light goes out (to be confirmed). A momentary power interruption reboots it and it makes connection to the provider again.
    The failures are apparently random – maybe once or twice a day.
    I don’t think the base unit is having protocol problems with the provider – or loss of IP addressing issues. It looks to me as if it is simply a crash!

  37. Add me to the list. £400 worth of C475IP, and S685IP kit now totally useless!

    Unable to get an IP via DHCP. Not even a static config helps. They last about 10hrs following a re-boot, then crash!!

    Goods unfit for the purpose intended methinks?

    Perhaps the press should get to know?

    I wonder if Siemens are reading this thread?


    1. No, Siemens is not following this matter. Siemens is not Gigaset or vice versa. They’re separate companies.

      I know that someone from Gigaset has been following up. They have requested network traces from some users who have the capability of providing that sort of detailed debugging assistance.

  38. I too can confirm that a hard reset (as suggested by Gigaset) makes absolutely no difference at all. I spent ages last night setting up the phones again only to find they had crashed around 12 hours later. I think that sending them back to Gigaset service centre as they advised is the only solution until the firmware is updated.
    I’m just wondering what they will do exactly. Downgrade the firmware like they say they can’t do? Any thoughts?

    1. I don’t know what they will do. The matter seems to be related to models that are not sold in the US. My contact at Gigaset US is on vacation this week given the US Thanksgiving holiday makes it a short week.

  39. I can supply a traceroute if requ.

    Problem is now a catch22 however. To get a firmware update to fix the problem the device needs reliable LAN, and subsequently WAN connectivity.

    And that is the substance of my problem on both units! The ethernet port does not stay connected.


  40. Two crashes in the past 24 hours. Contrary to my earlier post, blue light on base unit remains on – but no longer blinks.
    Cannot PING the (fixed) IP address. This is a network side problem.
    Perhaps we should all bombard the gigaset ‘customer care’ contact point asking for a firmware downgrade facility?

  41. Emailed Gigaset support. Got standard response – send it to their repair centre.
    I replied as follows:
    Dear Support,
    This is not an acceptable solution!
    The base and multiple handsets are used for a business – how am I to continue to operate in the absence of telephone communications?
    I will re-iterate the situation: the problem has been caused by the November firmware update and is thus caused by Gigaset.
    Your repair centre can instead, arrange to contact me and send me a replacement base unit with firmware earlier than 022140000000 / 043.00
    This matter needs quick resolution before it is reported to the media – what will that do to Gigaset’s reputation and sales?
    I think the next step is a short brief to The Register.

    1. If they are not responding as you desire you have only one option; buy something else. Any other action cannot be assured of resolving your trouble.

      Even as a warranty matter the terms of the warranty are probably unacceptable to a business application. I’m guessing that you send it to them and they send you a remanufactured replacement.

      This is where buying professional grade hardware from a vendor who supports businesses makes a difference. They don’t treat you like a consumer. It costs more, but it comes with benefits often unseen.

  42. Small comfort there Mr Graves! 🙂
    If I have to, I will, however I don’t think manufacturers can be allwoed to get away with introducing a product then issuing an update which makes it unuseable after 15 months be it in the commercial, soho or consumer markets.
    [Microsoft excepted of course!]
    I’m determined to plug on and force a solution from Gigaset. Could try contacting:
    Managing Directors: José Costa e Silva, Michael Hütten, Martin Streb
    Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Felix Frohn-Bernau

    1. Fair enough. However, if your time has any value at all I expect that you’ll find a solution faster, and get back to business quicker, by simply replacing the system.

      It seems to me that one of Gigasets primary competitors is Panasonic. I had their KX-TG4000 for several years. It never had a problem until it simply died of old age. In all that time it never had a firmware upgrade. Of course, it was not network/voip enabled. That I did externally, as described here:

  43. I have been communicating with the UK service centre and they say there is no fix at present – they are having to replace the board inside the base unit. They have had a number of these faults and there is a delay in supply of parts.
    I would suggest that anyone in the UK who has a troublesome unit go back to their retailer and complain under the sale of goods act 1979.

  44. What a mistake to make!!! Thanks for information on the shared grief of this mess – I unthinkingly siad yes to the update last night on my S685IP system and now I can’t access the web server in the base (beyond the logon page at least) – tried 3 difefrent browsers. Registration failures that were fine before – in fact some failures at least seem to occur after attempted LAN access to the base.
    I’m holding off the full reset as above as others seem to have found that isn’t the solution and I really don’t want to go through all the hassle of getting my settings working again.
    Have left message for retailer, and for Gigaset but weekend so don’t expect much any time soon!!

  45. Has anyone got an email address for Gigaset please?

    I’d like to ask them to provide an advance replacement my now useless C475IP, and S685IP.

    I don’t particularly want to jump through the hoops on the “email response” page on their website.


    1. Good luck – when I tried to send them an email via the website a couple of weeks ago, I typed all of my long message in and then the site responded with ‘sorry your message could not be sent’ – great! I copied and pasted it on different days with different browsers and still no joy.
      No email address anywhere on the site that I could find either.
      Having said that, there’s not much point as they can’t help you (I did call them twice) – they will just direct you to the service centre. I have an email address and phone number for the UK service centre – if that’s what you need please let me know – I don’t think I should publish the details on here though.

    2. I emailed them yesterday through the website (using UK contact although I am in fact in Italy). Despite being Saturday I received a quick acknowledgement and then within a hour a response telling me to reset the base and re-associate the handsets. Reluctantly I did that but no change to behaviour. So then I called their UK 0845 367 0812 support number (through Skype as none of my Gigaset VOIP connections now working!!) and amazingly did get to speak to a very helpful but not really helpful person (first-language English speaker but excellent English nonetheless). After confirming I had done the reset etc she acknowledge that it didn’t fix everyone’s problem – although it did some – she claimed. She assured me they are working really hard to sort it out, no, downgrades are not possible (I assume due to new options etc) but it is going to be days rather than hours…. She did take my email address so I can be notified but she assured me the phone itself would “know” when the update is available…..So it is wait and see I think for now and my 685IP for now is useless – well it still shows the weather forecast I guess!!

  46. Another unhappy S685IP customer here! I’ve been using the S685IP for more than a year with no major problems and still the last firmware upgrade I get the same problems like everyone else!

    That’s the response I received when I contacted support:

    Thank you for your e-mail. We are glad to be of assistance.

    Regarding your query we inform you that we are working on the new firmware update issues. We will e-mail a solution for your query as soon as we receive the feedback from our development team.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.
    For any query or consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us on the number indicated below or via e-mail from the web page below.

    We hope to have answered your query and to have been helpful with the information above.

    Have a great day and thank you for choosing Gigaset products.

    With kind regards,

  47. JWD.

    “the phone itself would “know” when the update is available”.

    I would take that with a hint of scepticism! One of the issues on both my 475, and 685 is that they lose connectivity via the Ethernet port.

    When that happens they have no connection with the internet, so no way of telling if an update is available!

    Ta for the 0845 number though.


    1. Mine is, at least, maintaining Ethernet/Internet connectivity – the weather forecast still there and when I manually check for firmware update through the handset it gives an appropriaet response.
      I think I’ll email this useful blog url to Gigaset….

      1. The Product Manager responsible for the Gigaset phones in the US is aware of this blog. You will find him sometimes responding to comments. He also monitors the VoIP forum at I suspect that he may not be the ultimate authority when it comes to this firmware issue, as his voice only covers those models that are sold in North America. The S685, which seems to be very problematic, is not one of those models.

  48. JWD, I have emailed gigaset about my S675 losing IP connectivity and pasted this URL in the message. All I got back is a standard reply about doing a factory reset.
    So I did that and after reconfiguring the unit it only took 3 hours for the network connectivity to go down again and I need to unplug it again.
    So I called them and the guy in the call centre in India knows nothing about it but the service centre can fix it – apparently.
    If only they would acknowledge a bug in the firmware and release some sort of statement.

    1. Alex, at least you can access the base through the ethernet link – I cannot even do that.
      with my 685IP.
      Are you in UK? What were the instructions for contacting / sending it to the service centre?

  49. JWD & Alex – see my posts earlier – no point in sending to the UK service centre as they don’t have a fix – they are just replacing the main boards in the base unit and they don’t have stock of these boards for at least two weeks. I have had emails from their engineer.
    Luckily I bought our S685IP set from Ligo Electronics (not an advertising plug) and they have now agreed to swap ours for a new pack. They are sending the new one first as they realise we cannot be without the phones for the business. Fantastic service. I will immediately turn off the firmware updates!

    Please remember that if a product fails within the 2 year guarantee the retailer must take responsibility for the fault under the 1979 sale of goods act.
    I have all the UK email addresses, phone numbers and contacts if anyone needs them.

  50. JWD, I seem to have the same problem as you. Ethernet interface completely goes down. Can’t ping or access the base station anymore.
    Never had issues with phone calls using g722 tho. Although I only use g722 and removed all other codecs.
    I’m in Australia, btw, but bought the phone in Austria, probably just over 2 years ago.

  51. Dan. I’d be very interested in how you secured the replacement service from Ligo.

    Both mine came from there.

    Seems a good tree to start climbimg!


    1. I’ll echo that – mine came from Ligo too – I have had helpful resonse so far from them re exchange but as I am temporarily out of the UK haven’t pursued yet. I have a triple pack and they said they only need base and one phone back.

  52. I pressed the UK service centre for a replacement before return of my base unit – which continues to drop out approx twice per day. I met with an insistance that I return the unit first. If there are no curcuit boards to be had at the service centre, then I’d be in far a long wait!!
    I pressed hard for the matter to be escallated within service – and then correspondance from the service centre stopped!
    That’s one way to really p*** off customers!

  53. Andy & JWD – if you ask to speak to their technical support staff and point out that there is no current fix at the service centre, the guarantee lies with them under UK consumer law. They didn’t quibble about that as they understand the urgent need and the person I spoke to was very helpful – they are trying to find out more about the problem as they currently know little about it.

  54. I am based in UK as well. Got the phone 14months ago from

    I don’t see any firmware coming soon! Siemens only releases firmware every 5-6months.

    Can I return it to Siemens support in UK for exchange?


    1. Nick – the redress you have is with the retailer (i.e. broadbandbuyer in this case) – you should approach them first.

  55. Just by way of an update, Ligo Electronics kept their promise and sent a replacement set before I had to return the old one (very trusting). I declined the Gigaset firmware update that appeared on screen immediately and have switched off the search for firmware updates by using the internet browser. Magic – I now have a working phone system.

    1. After sending a number of emails to people at Gigaset on Dec 4 I received a reply from them informing me that a new release is in the works, and should be public soon.

  56. I’ve just been emailed by Siemens who say:

    “We are sorry for the inconvenience cause by the new firmware update. We inform you that the issue has been forwarded to our development team and a new firmware update will be released by mid December.”

    1. Perhaps it’s simply not practical to reverse it. As we don’t have the specifics of their development environment we cannot know, and they certainly aren’t saying. Many have been hounding them, myself included, and not getting any specifics. At least they are acknowledging the problem and working on it.

  57. Ligo in the UK initially told me they would do an RMA, but then backed down and told me to contact the Gigaset service centre (not Gigaset exclusively btw) which I did asking them to confirm they had parts – they say they do….fortunately I have a few months before I need to use this phone system again so I was going to send it for repair – or would I do better to wait for the firmware re-update I am now wondering.
    The thing that I think is most reprehensible about Gigaset’s conduct is that they haven’t withdrawn/disabled the duff release on even mentioned the risks (last time I looked) on their website. Actions speak louder than words “sorry for the inconvenience” etc doesn’t mean much to me!
    Before all this I had written a glowing customer review of the 685IP – I will be much more wary in future. Shame – they have seriously let themselves down.

    1. Just about every manufacturer at some time or another releases some unfortunate firmware. The real question is how they react to the circumstance. Gigaset’s failure in this case is simply admitting to the problem publicly and taking ownership of the issue. If they were open and honest about the matter then customers and resellers would be a lot more accommodating. If there’s some bone fide reason why they can revert to older code they should have explained that.

  58. They teased me this morning… My phone asked me to update a profile… I got excited for a second thinking it would then ask to update firmware… but alas… nothing…

  59. If anyone interested my S685IP base came back from the Gigaset service centre in the UK with a new mainboard at an incredibly back level firmware which I couldn’t get any browser to even successfully talk to and which kept insisting it wanted to update to the offending firmware release….. so another call to Gigaset where I was told I could try updating the firmware “as the problem doesn’t affect all phones”. Sceptically, I did just that and for the moment it seems OK although I’m not really using it “in production” at the moment.

  60. My S685IP base seems to be ‘crashing’ more regularly – maybe 3 times per day right now. In addition, I am beginning to experience loss of registration at the end of outgoing IP calls.
    JWD’s experience with the UK service centre doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.
    When this long-promised firmware release eventually materialises, if problems remain, I shall be shipping the wholle kit and caboodle back to Gigaset with a claim for b****ration-factor!!!

    1. They passed me this link last Thursday as well. I wasn’t going to give it out until I had a chance to try it in one of my systems first, but since you’ve beat me to it I’ll let it stand here. I hope to try it myself some time in the next couple of days.

  61. sorry intention was not having a race here. I posted it becuase i had very bad time since i updated to firwmare 02214 and as soon as i got installed that one there is now issue with the phone. Its working as normal as before.

  62. So given that there is apparently no way to revert to a previous version of firmware – who has been brave enough to slap in this binary file in the hope that it just might fix the problems just before christmas when all gigaset’s support people are having their christmas lunches and congratulating themsleves on having had such a successful(!) year???

    Why isn’t there someway to save a previous version so that if all else craps out, there is some hope of getting back to some semblance of normality??

  63. So a binary for an unofficial December firmware release has been posted to fix the bugs introduced in the buggy 11/2009 version: 02214.
    Why can’t someone post the firmware for the last known ‘good’ 07/2009 version: 02191 ??
    I’d much rather use a version which had been working fine from July to November than try some new firmware with no release note, no known provinence.
    If Mriz is the shadowy ‘product manager’ can we have the July 09 version posted, please?

  64. Tried the new firmware last night and this morning guess what its saying, thats right Provider Registration Failed. So it hasn’t worked for me but it’s no worse either.

    1. Me too.

      Installed 0222 on both a 475IP and a 685IP.

      Both crashed within 12hrs!

      Exactly the same symptoms as previously.

      Back to the drawing board?


  65. Why this release 02222 not public?
    Is there any changelog somewhere?

    My phone still can’t find any new firmware while autocheck.

  66. Thanks mriz and particularly mjgraves for hosting this discussion. I have installed the new level and am waiting to see how it behaves.
    I know this isn’t really the place, but my frustrations have been increased by the fact that the S685IP webserver seems pretty flaky (at various firmware levels including this latest one) on my Vista laptop (regardless of whether I am using Firefox, IE8 or Chrome although works better on my wife’s XP laptop but has similar problems on another XP machine – I can never tell from one try to the next how far through a configuration dialogue I will get before it just hangs and I have to power cycle the base! If anyone else has seen similar and solved I would love to know how!

  67. Rich, qwe, I am concerned for you. I am awaiting a reply to the following from gigaset support: “This file: has appeared on a discussion site purporting to ‘fix’ the problems introduced by firmware release 11/2009 version: 02214 for GIGASETS685IP

    As there are no published Release Note and no way to way to ‘downgrade’ the firmware once I have applied the new firmware, please would you confirm to me that, should I apply it, Gigaset will still honour its service obligations and warranty in the event that I have to return the base unit because it doesn’t fix the problems?”
    Bet you a pound to a penny that tech support will absolve themselves from any responsibility. The danger – and liklihood – is that they will say that the warrenty was voided!
    Why oh why can’t they post the July version firmware. I’d install it like a shot even if it meant resetting to factory defaults.

  68. Can you get back to the older July firmware by changing the URL I wonder. Will try when I have a chance (475IP crashed at the moment!)

    1. Just tried, and no it won’t have it. “latest version installed”!!

      Even tried renaming it to 222_03 and putting it on a different web site to download from there.

      Still no joy. Same response.

      Cleverer that I imagine?


      1. I sort of thought it might do something like that , but wasn’t sure whether anyone had actually tried it in anger. I couldnt try it myself since I havent upgraded from 2191 yet.

      2. Just another thought, you might want to try renaming it to 223_02 rather than 222_03 since the first digits ( I think! ) are the version and the 02 is the platform type. Probably won’t do any better but might just be worth a try…

  69. Well my 685IP seems to be stable as far as I can tell on the new 02222 firmware. It is staying registered with 3 VoIP providers and accesible through the LAN interface so I think I’m sorted – fingers crossed.

    1. PS – my S685IP EEPROM version is 182 – maybe that has some impact on the success or otherwise of the firmware? Or maybe they are all the same version?

  70. OK, maybe I’m being dense but I get a transmisison error 404 when I try to use either of the URLs above pasted into the Gigaset UI in the “data server” field.

    Can download the .bin files fine on a PC on the same network. What am I doing wrong?

    With the default I just get told I already have the latest firmware.

    1. AndyM, I just put that whole URL referred to by mriz in my S685IP where it says “User defined Firmware file” and that worked – just did it again to check and it still works.

  71. Yes it was me being dense.

    Thanks JWD works fine in the User Defined field. I had it in the other already populated field.

    Now running
    Firmware version: 022220000000 / 041.00
    EEPROM version: 182

    I note EEPROM version has gone up from 179.

    Will see how it goes.

    1. Well, still stable nearly 24 hours later on a 475IP. Much better than before.

      Time will tell if it as stable as it was before I applied 02214 but it is certainly not worse. (I have two different SIP profiles, 6 handsets and about 5 “Dialling Plans” – just in case that makes any difference)

        1. My 685IP has been ‘more stable’ over the Xmas period on 02-214 F/w. That is, it has crashed only once in 4 days (and rebooted itself successfully once).
          Is this a function of lower phone activity on my part (although many crashes used to happen overnight) or is the base unit managing successfully to access the gigaset server to check for new firmware or similar. Has anyone turned off the “Automatic check for software/profile updates” flag to see if better stability is achieved?

  72. Trying to get back to 2191 firmware. I note that Andy’s “latest version installed” message comes back from the server – not the device during the attempted firmware install. There appears to be no similar message embedded in the firmware.

    Looks like it is also necessary to ‘spoof’ the device so that it doesn’t automatically go and check the chagall server for a later version – which is presumably what is producing the error message. Perhaps one of the references to the chagall server embedded in the firmware needs to be modified? Anyone skilled enough to help out here?

  73. Have edited the 02191 firmware to look like a version 02215 – i.e. above the corrupt 01214 verson, but below the 02222 version to permit later updates.
    Disconnected from the internet to prevent a check with the chagal server. Put file on internal web (you can use 191.168.1.x/chagall215_02.bin – see page 133 of the manual)

    An update commenced, but failed – but NOT because of the version check. Instead – as feared! – the file is reported to be corrupt. Presumably there are checksum digits. Anyone know how to overcome this next obstacle?

    The whole issue is so frustrating as gigaset could so easily issue a non-version checked firmware based on 02191 to us to get us back to a working system.

        1. Just had a quick look at the makefile from the source. The final 2 bytes in the firmware file are a crc16 check. When doing a “strings” to look at any text fields I noticed that there are several routines to upgrade the eeprom. So if you revert to a previous firmware it might cause problems with the firmware being out of sync with the eeprom version. If newer eeprom versions are backwards compatible it might solve all your problems, but if they aren’t it could mean a big mess. Good luck!

        2. Tony,
          if you take firmware version 2191 and change the version at position ae38d and change it into 2215 the correct checksum (last two bytes of the file) should be ad19.

          I assume you changed the version number in the same position?

          Please let me know whether it works.

          1. Jan1973,
            Tried it. It still gives me the ‘you already have the lastest version of firmware installed’ message. It must be a check on version number other than at ae38d. It didn’t object on the grounds of the checksum, however.

          2. Tony, could you mail me at trekkietrekkie-gigaset *at* I might have a lead for you. Thanks.

  74. I have succesfully installed the beta version 02222 on my S450IP gigaset.

    It installs correctly and all settng are remained, but the problem still exist: every 4 or 5 minutes the person I am calling with cannot hear me for about 15 seconds.

  75. On S450IP I have updated to the most recent FW. This set always worked great. This worked up to the moment I removed the analog backup PSTN from the network and ported the local telephone number to the VoIP provider.

    From that moment I could phone to myself by GSM for one time. Without conversation calling of the calling pary succeeds and the VoIP phone rings. After a conversation, other callers could not reach me and the S450IP was also not longer capable of calling via VoIP to other providers. The lines incoming and outgoing where completely dead.

    After a router reset (power off/power on) the system works and the same problems occur again.

    After a base station reset (powe off/power on) the system S450ip works correct, untill I am being called with conversation (voice time, not just letting ring the VoIP phone) the same problem is back again.

    The diagnoses was a failing router/ADSL modem, so I bought a new ADSL router/switch and what happened ? S450IP has the same problems as before. I paid E 185 for a new ADSL modem/router without solving the problems.

    The most critical part is the alarm number, when we need it, chances are high VoIP via S450IP will not work….. That was the reason of an analogue PSTN link, which is not there anymore. We wanted to keep the user interface of the telephone the same, because there are people that can not handle mobile GSM or UTMS telephones.

    Downgrading to the previous level should not be a problem, it is juist the same FW which can be generated with a higher version number.

  76. The previous version of the FW that worked can be generated with a higher version number. In that case the checksum is correct and the version number is higher, The most simple method is to do this based on the source code and not patching,

    If one succeeds to patch a correct checksum and higher version number this may become the basis of issues when a proper FW version is released. I am not sure of an checking method and algorithme to generate a valid version number. On other types of equipment from other supplies this is a normal procedure.

    Are there people who have contact with Customer support by email anddo they have the response on the stated issues from customer support. The link with level 02222 looks tricky without documentation.

    1. Wim, that is what I did with Tony. When you change the version number in the firmware to a higher version, the checksum changes so you need to calculate a new checksum. But I’ve just heard that the eeprom version is NOT backwards compatible. So even if you manage to change the firmware version at the right place so the phone will accept it as an update, this will almost certainly brick your phone. So please don’t do this.

      To be honest, you don’t seem to suffer from a bad firmware update but I’m afraid your router/modem is set up incorrectly. I think you haven’t forwarded the correct ports to your ip phone. Mail me at trekkietrekkie-gigaset *at* and I’ll try to help you out.

  77. The FW022212 in my S450IP was installed correctly after the update. That is what the S450IP showed on the sreen of the handset.

    There is no issue with port forwarding in de router. I thought it was such like an issue, but it was not. I full reset of the S450IP did not provide a solution either. I did partial resets in a particular sequence, solving the partial issues. The transmission error 200 was resolved and after that the error 0 that occurred was also resolved. Now the S450IP was is the correct state. I could configure the S450IP at exactly the same way as before. In the wizard there was an issue that if the VoIP provider was selected, that this did not work. I bypassed this by selecting another provider and entered all parms. At the end I wa s able to enter my provider details.

    Now after 48 hours of testing the S450IP performs how I should perform.
    In the router settings, nothing had to be changed.
    There are conditions that can cause the FW to react incorrectly. In most configurations this will not happen.

    Thanks for the offer for help.

  78. Could anyone still experiencing problems try to turn off the info services on their phone? Please let me know whether this makes a difference.

  79. I was able to contact the actual gigaset voip development team. They are working hard on a new release. It should be available soon and should fix some timing issues. They reported that for some people turning of the info services might provide a fix. Could anyone still experiencing problems try this and report whether it works for them? Please do contact me at trekkietrekkie-gigaset *at* if you can provide wireshark captures of your phone freezing or being unsuccesfull at registering since the 2214 update. I will pass them on to the gigaset developers. More captures will make it easier for them to make the fix available asap.

  80. Thanks for the update, Jan1973. Very much looking forward to having a working phone again.
    I’m disappointed in Gigaset not so much because of the problems with 2214 but how they are handling it. Why wouldn’t they make an announcement or at least update the ‘Known Bugs’ section of the release notes.

  81. Its been three days, time for an update. I’m using FW 02222 with the Info Services OFF and it hasn’t said Provider Registration Failed so far.

  82. Thanks Jan1973 for the updates.

    I have turned info services off on 2214 and it hasn’t lost network connection in about three days. – I found info services useful, so will try it after the new firmware release.

  83. 3 days here without the ‘randon service provider loss’. Have turned off info services, firmware check and server time check.
    One loss attributable to ISP connection disruption.
    Three users have reported favourable results in this forum – surely it must be reproducible (and fixable) by gigaset developers?

    1. Yes, same for me. Stable on 02222 with info services turned off.

      Have fed back to Gigaset support.

  84. I read a lot about service provider loss problems. I do have an other problem since firmware update:

    During phone conversation, every 4 or 5 minutes my firewall ( fritzbox) sends “connection establish requests (SYN)” during exact 22 seconds to the siemens IP 450. I have analysed the wireshark file where I can see this happening. As a result, during these 22 seconds my outgoing voice is disturbed and the other person can not here me, but I can hear him all the time.

    Do you guys think this is firmware related? It started the day I downloaded the frimware ..
    How can I send this problem to Gigaset team?

    I am using firmware 02222 (02214 initiated the problem);
    I have turned information services off but that is not the problem for me I think.

    Any more info/ tips would be very much appriciated..

    1. Hi Zandur,

      Mail your capture with a detailed description of your problems to trekkietrekkie-gigaset *at* and I will pass it on to the gigaset developers.

      There is a new beta firmware version, 222201 which solves this problem:

      Although the version number of your gigaset will remain the same, it is a firmware update nonetheless. It’s available from:

      Please consider this is a beta firmware – use it at your own risk!

      1. Can you show us something like changelog?

        Because i don’t know is there any sence report about that:
        Setup phone to voip provider, don’t touch webinterface few days, call somewhere as usual, info services on.
        After it i take opera browser (i think thereis no matter what browser i use), trying open web interface and phone goes to reboot (on screens of headset – searching base, on the base blue light is off few seconds, than it back online and work normally again.)

          1. I mean changelog from stable release, i.e. from 02214 to this beta.

            And is there any info about stable release plans in this month ot next?

  85. Sorry, I don’t have an official changelog. But I can mention two other changes. 1) For some countries the incorrect online directory was shown. This has been fixed. 2) Now it’s possible to change the volume of to low/medium/high as well.

    I don’t know whether there are more changes than these.

    1. Thanks for the info.
      Looks like another bug was detected on localized (russia) version of 470ip. May be you can ask them about.
      While talking via voip press twice button in the right lower corner (button under # button, it’s a phone directory afair)
      Looks like headset (not base!) goes to reboot.

      As far as i know we can’t update headset firmware, so maybe bug uncorrectable?

      1. qwe: this problem is present in older handset of which the firmware cannot be updated. So it can’t be fixed.

  86. Firmware 2223 is available from

    I don’t have a changelog, but the registration problems I had after rebooting my phone are over.

    1. Have you activated Info Services? That is what caused all the registration problems in 02214.
      I have got mine OFF and the system is presently stable.

      1. I don’t use info services simply because the A58H handsets don’t display a useful amount of information to merit the bother. We do have a couple of S67H handsets and one S78H, but we leave info services off since they all operate against one base station.

      2. @Tony: the registration problems I had occured only when rebooting the device. After a reboot usually 2 of out 6 sip accounts wouldn’t register. This issue was not info services related. In firmware 2223 this bug is no longer present.

        1. Jan1973 – Whey-hey! Finally a fix, apparently. Do post if you get a re-occurrence of the problem, please!
          I note that 2223 appears not to be an ‘official’ release as a firmware update (using default server) still says 2214 is ‘latest firmware’

  87. I turned info services back on after the upgrade to 2223.
    3 days and still stable. Before it would crash several times a day.
    It sure has taken them quite a while to resolve this but I’m glad to see it’s getting there.
    Looking forward to an official release with change log.
    Thanks Jan1973 for posting the firmware link.

    1. Another positive vote here. I was losing my registrations several times a day, with 5 sip accounts on my S675IP. It’s been a week since I installed 2223, and I haven’t had a single problem in that time. It’s finally a reliable, usable telephone.

      Now if they could only add SIP address dialing, I’d be thrilled. 🙂

  88. Hi,

    Hope I am not crashing a party over here, but this seems to be the most active discussion I could find about the Gigaset IP phone.
    I was just wondering, how is this phone under half the price of practically any other SIP DECT phone i could find?
    Aastra, Snom, Panasonic, Etc…are all so much more, is there something I am missing?


    1. Easy, it’s really a consumer product. Not at all intended for more serious business use. The others, like those you mentioned target the small business market. The snom m3 is about the closest thing to the Gigasets.

      1. Thanks for that.

        In actuality, is this phone missing any of the basic features that would be used on a business PBX? (Transfer, Multiple calls, etc.) Is the build quality any less then the ‘business-class’ phones?
        Also, do you know anything about the S675 IP (which is still considerably less then the others)? Would that be more of a business phone, or is it the same consumer level phone with a fancier display?

        Thanks again.

      2. …on second thought, I read through your reviews and the comments, and have a better idea of what you were referring (although any input is still sppreciated 🙂 ).

        Thanks for all the great info on the site.

  89. Just to update on the problems with calls using G.722 coded with firmware version 02214…

    Today I nervously took the plunge and updated my S685IP’s firmware to latest version 02223. Everything seemed to be working OK. I then re-added the G.722 codec to the list of “Available codecs” for my VOIP provider (I had to remove that codec after the previous 02214 update in order to make calls successfully to certain UK 0870 & 0845 numbers), and on testing I can confirm that I CAN now again make calls to UK 0870 or 0845 numbers OK. Yipee – so looks like the v02223 firmware has fixed the problems when dialling out with that codec :¬)

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