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No Jitter’s Matt Brunk: SIP Means Change

nortel_lo_ip_phone_1120e copyEarlier this week Matt Brunk penned a post over at CMP’s No Jitter blog entitled “SIP Means Change.” It’s a short piece detailing the contrast between SIP phones, Asterisk servers and legacy proprietary equipment. In particular it dwells on the boot times of the various items. He highlights how anything that takes longer, even just a little longer, ultimately has a higher cost.

Matt points out that the older, proprietary digital phones were effectively instant-on devices compared to SIP phones. This is a little obtuse in that SIP isn’t really the culprit. It’s just a protocol. Cisco phones running SCCP would have similar boot times to SIP handsets. I presume that Nortel phones running UNISTIM would also have similar boot times.

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Codecs, Wideband & Stereo: A Conversation At AMOOCON

AMOOCON-200Back in the spring of this year VUC founder Randy Resnick made the trek to Germany to attend AMOOCON, a conference for Asterisk Users. AMOOCON started out in 2007 known as AsteriskTAG which literally translated means “Asterisk Day.”

While at AMOOCON Randy made a point of recording some of the presentations. These recordings can be found on the VoIP Users Conference site. Various sessions were recorded by the conference organizers and are available on the AMOOCON site. There they also have quite a lot of video of the formal sessions.

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