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Review Delayed: Dreamwave SIP-D28P

Dreamwave-D28P-200I wanted to be working on reviewing the Dreamwave SIP-D28p by now, but that effort has been delayed due to a firmware issue. The phone is powered-up and running. I’ve been able to use it a bit, exploring its firmware, web GUI, etc. It shows some promise. There are some nice features in the device.

However, I came to a screeching halt when I found that the phone doesn’t provide sidetone into the handset. This stopped me dead in my tracks. The lack of sidetone makes using any phone very unnatural. Thus I’ve not been able to put it on my desk and actually use it as my primary phone. That’s the process that forces me to gain enough experience with a device to write about it sensibly.

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New SIP Wifi Handsets: Yawn!

SQ3000Some time back the folks over at VoIP Supply posted something about a collection of new SIP Wifi handsets. Whereas in the past that would make me take notice, even catch my interest, I found myself completely disinterested. In fact, it was surprising how little appeal these gadgets had.

Over the years I’ve tried various SIP Wifi handsets and come to a very simple conclusion. That is, for my home office application they have no merit at all. The fact that I have a solid cordless SIP solution eliminates the possible interest that any of these new products might have.

In everything experiment that I’ve ever tried DECT/CATiq products soundly beat any dedicated SIP Wifi handset. Now that there are affordable SIP/DECT products from sources like Gigaset and Snom dedicated VoWifi handsets just don’t measure up for many applications.

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The Nature Of Product Reviews

Dreamwave-D28P-200As devices come my way I’m always looking for the most effective way to review them and present the resulting information. Most typically this means writing a detailed description of my experiences with the device, but I also think that supporting images are important to making the material visually interesting.

Recently I’ve been thinking about using more recorded audio (podcasts?) and even recording some video laying hands on the product.

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Considering LifeSize Desktop Software

LifeSize-logoAustin-based LifeSize recently released a software-based PC video conferencing client that they call the LifeSize Desktop. Since I’m always looking for new tools I took the opportunity to download the 30 day free trial and have it installed on a desktop and laptop, both running Windows XP.

The software is intended to be a SIP soft client for their HD video conferencing products. To that end they recommend it be used with a webcam that supports 720p images, that is 1280 x 720 pixels @ 30 frame/sec. At the time of its release the only one available was the Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000. Since then Microsoft has announced a suitable webcam. I expect that others will eventually do so as well.

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