Sprint 3G Mifi @ SFO Aug 18

So here’s how the Sprint 3G service  measures now that I’m away from my home office location. Note that my laptop clock is on CDT. It’s just before 6am west coast time.

As you can see I tried tests against several servers in different locations. The test to the server in Chicago was markedly better than the others, with a ping time under 100 ms.

Sprint Mifi: Day #3 @ Home Office Location

I thought that I’d have another check of the Sprint 3G data rate now that we’re into the weekend. The performance in the mid-afternoon during the week was not bad at all. I was wondering if there would be any change on the weekend.


It seems to be markedly improved  on the weekend. Today it measures: 1.94 Mb/s download, 520kbps upload with a ping time to Dallas of 155 ms. That was at around 2pm CDT.

The real test will be when I’m in SFO next week.

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Inspirational Hardware: The FIT-PC Slim & FIT-PC2

My roots in VoIP are closely intertwined with embedded systems. I really like the idea of small, quiet, lower-power hardware that just runs…and runs…and runs. That’s what drove me to my 2006 article about Astlinux on Soekris hardware and was in part the genesis of this blog.

When I saw the original FIT-PC I thought that it could be an interesting platform for Asterisk. However, with its 400 MHz Geode CPU it wasn’t that much different than the Soekris platform that I was using, so there was little motivation to make the migration.

fit-PC Slim-500

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Fit-PC Slim (pictured above) is now available on sale on Amazon for a mere $159.

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Into The Great Unknown: The Dreamwave D28P

D28P-200Earlier this week Asterisk guru Ward Mundy pointed out an E-bay auction for a phone that looked kinda familiar and purported itself as offering “HDVoice” – the Dreamwave Networks D28p. A quick Google online revealed that Dreamwave Networks are based in New Jersey, and their web site looked to have both a brochure and some documentation about the device. I even found a tutorial on setting up the phone for use with various Asterisk distributions.

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39 Free Soft Phones

Two-Soft-phones-200 copyMatt Riddell of VentureVoIP is always informative and a great read. This morning I see that he has posted an article listing 39 Free Soft Phones. What a great resource! He goes so far as to only list those that don’t require some sort of registration to download. Best of all he clearly indicates platform support for each program.

My two favorites, Counterpath’s X-Lite and PhonerLite, made the list. PhonerLite is notable for being one of the few with support for the G.722 wideband codec. (Am I not some sort of one-note instrument?)