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Gigaset DE380IPR: A Cheaper Truly Wideband Capable Desk Phone?

gigaset-de380-ipr copyAs part of their US product launch Gigaset Communications are importing their DE380IPR SIP desk phone. At first glance this seems like a relatively unremarkable lower-end desk phone. However, it does support the G.722 wideband codec.

I had a quick look at the device in May at the HDComms Summit. It’s looks like a decent little phone, possibly comparable to the lower-end Polycom IP320/330s.

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What Would You Do With Ten Free UK DIDs?!

During last weeks VUC call someone mentioned that there was a new service called UKDDI offering free DIDs in the UK.  They offer ten free numbers from locations all around the UK, where each can be mapped to a SIP URI.

It took a couple of minutes for the utility of this to really sink in. Given that I have a factory full of coworkers in the UK, and I’ll be traveling there this coming week there just has to be something useful that I can accomplish with such a resource.

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HD Connect Gets Rolling

Of all the things discussed at Pulver's HDComms event in May the one thing that spurred everyone to agreement was the idea that wideband telephony needs much greater public visibility. To that end Mr Pulver proposed the formation of a…

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David Rowe On Royalty Free Codecs

What with the gathering storm that is wideband telephony there’s a lot of rumbling about codecs going on at the moment. Such discussions usually include at least a couple of open source proponents wondering why Speex is not more widespread. It’s a very good question.

Speex most commonly shows up in soft phones. That’s nice, but soft phones have limited appeal. Most people prefer hardware of some kind. That’s where Speex implementations are few and far between. This is kind of the opposite of the situation that I found with G.722. In that case I found that hardware support was good and growing, but support for it in soft phones was lacking.

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